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Decorating one’s living room can be an incredibly intimate and fun experience. It can also, if you are not prepared, or are just not design-minded, can be an absolute headache. Decorating and designing your living room is something you will have to do at least once and is a rite of passage in a way. When decorating your living room, you need to plan ahead and give it serious thought. You might also want to consult an interior decorator or a relative who is inclined that way. Living room decorating ideas are not easy to come by.

In this article, we are going to present to you a few living room decorating ideas that might interest you. No longer do you have to struggle with decorating your living room, nor do you have to embarrass yourself with poorly designed rooms.

Here are a few living room decorating ideas that might interest you.

Antique Furniture At Auction

Often the best place to buy antique furniture is at auction. Ideally, you will want to avoid large and esteemed auction houses, because in one of those you can expect to pay thousands for an item that at a smaller auction house you would only pay hundreds. Antique furniture, even in the most modern of homes, can be a great way to get creative. We couldn’t start a list off about living room ideas without mentioning antique furniture now, could we? It would be sacrilege!

Persian Rugs and Tapestries

Putting Persian rugs down on the floors and tapestries on the walls is a great way to improve your living room’s design. Persian rugs are, without a doubt, awesome, and as they fall out of savour with the world’s super-rich, they become more accessible to Average Joe’s like you and me. Tapestries, like Persian rugs, are very cool, and they can illustrate a lot historically speaking. Introducing either of these into your living room will give your living room an edge that it would otherwise be unable to achieve. Be sure to match the colors of your rugs and tapestries with your wallpaper and the paint on your walls.

Cushions and Chairs

When you are designing your living room, you will want to give great thought to the cushions that you have and the chairs in your home. You need to be careful about matching your sofa with your cushions, too. Cushions play a huge role in the overall aesthetic of your living room, yet surprisingly so many people neglect them or do not give them much consideration. Be sure to introduce cushions that match your home’s overall aesthetic, colour-wise (and otherwise) into your living room, and nothing else.

Paintings and Portraits

A living room without paintings and portraits is not a living room I would ever want to go into! You can buy portraits and paintings at an auction, or alternatively, you can learn to draw and paint, and you could do them yourself. Hanging paintings and portraits up in your living room is a really fun way to make your living room feel more lived in, and more like it is loved. Hanging paintings and portraits can be very therapeutic too. Whatever speaks to you (art-wise) should be what you hang on your walls.


Georgian Sash Windows

Moving away from individual pieces of furniture and accessories for your living room for a moment, why not install sash windows? These windows are very cool. They can also be quite expensive, particularly if you are using vintage sash windows. Newer ones are not as expensive though, and they can be bought widely. Sash windows are a great way for you to design your living room’s interior. They also enable you to install big wooden sashes which can be closed and blackout your living room. Georgian sash windows are a great addition to any home, and in our opinion, the more vintage, the better.

Wallpaper or Paint?

Wallpapering your living room can make your living room look very comfortable, warm, and cozy. Paint, on the other hand, can make your living room look chic and modern. Whichever design style that appeals to you, you should go for. It is also important to take into consideration the aesthetic of your home, internally and externally. If you have a more modern home, you may want to have your home painted internally, while for older houses, wallpaper is often the first choice. Give your home’s wallpaper or paint some serious consideration.

Designing your living room is never easy, though with the suggestions made here it can be made somewhat easier. When you are designing the interior of your home, you should design it according to your own personal taste and mustn’t ever listen to anybody else’s style of design.

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