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While it is embarrassing enough to attend an event wearing the same clothes as someone else, getting engaged and realizing that your ring is all but identical to those of your two closest friends is possibly worse. It does not have to be a bad thing, of course, it could just mean that you all have excellent taste in jewelry. However, here are some ways to ensure that your ring is customized for, and as different as your love for each other.

Avoid the Crowds

While being trendy is usually desirable, this is not one of those occasions. Diamonds go in and out of fashion, with large ornate rings being the ‘in-thing’ one month, and colorful vivid fancy diamonds (bright colored diamonds) holding sway the next. Unless you actively yearn for a canary yellow heart-shaped diamond in your engagement ring, ignore all the hype and advice and see what you actually love the look of.

Bigger is Not Always Better

Paying attention to the kind of work or hobbies your partner has, as well as their personal tastes, is a thoughtful and romantic way to help you narrow down your choices. People who work with their hands will need smaller stones, set flush into the ring so it does not catch or snag. For some a small stone is a simple but perfect symbol of commitment while a massive stone in an ornate setting can feel intimidating and almost like a restriction to someone who is, at heart, more of a free spirit.

A Little Light Spying!

Pick your moment carefully, and check through their jewelry box for a ring that you know fits the right finger. Take measurements from that to ensure you get the right size, and while you are snooping, see if you can get a sense of their personal tastes in jewelry. Also, pay attention to hints whenever the topics of marriage, engagements and even jewelry comes up! A very good way to find out which way they are thinking is to sound out their best friend: they have possibly discussed it and the best friend can give you hints that will help you get the ring exactly right!

Bespoke Service

Sometimes, couples only choose the ring after the proposal. You can then both choose a ring that suits everyone, or you can be brave and take your research and creativity into planning the ring by yourself, as a surprise for them!

Make sure you allow enough time before your planned proposal event: having a ring made can take up to six weeks for a busy competent jeweler, and perhaps even longer if a royal wedding or high-profile celebrity marriage has recently taken place. This phenomenon is very common and you will find that once your friends group starts marrying off, most of them will follow – it is not uncommon for couples to be attending two or three weddings a month for two or three years during peak wedding times of life!

Are You Certified?

If you do opt for a bespoke ring design, be careful when buying your diamond. For absolute security insist on a reputable GIA or AGS certificate with your diamonds, and only ever buy your diamonds from a reputable site:

By ignoring the press of peer opinion and opting for a ring that aligns with both your tastes and your partners, you are almost certain to have arrived at a beautiful and truly unique ring to celebrate the occasion of your engagement and impending nuptials.

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