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Both men and women love fragrances. In particular, female students love to smell good. However, preferred perfume types frequently change among this demographic. Before you can pick the right perfume for you, you better educate yourself on what fragrance notes are. As such, this article will prove informative to you. Besides basic info about fragrance notes, it highlights the most popular fragrance note choices for female students in 2022.

About Fragrance Notes

In simple terms, fragrance notes describe scent combinations that create a unique perfume. Therefore, most perfumes are made using more than one scent. In general, there are 3 main fragrance notes, which are:

  • Top;
  • Heart;
  • Base.

Let us look into these notes below.


The top note is the head or opening note. This scent is what people recognize immediately when a perfume is applied. However, a top scent is usually the lightest and fades the fastest after use.


A heart note represents the scent of perfume you will smell once it settles. It also forms the foundation of all fragrances and makes up most of the scent. Many 2022 women chose perfumes based on the heart note.


A base note appears immediately after the top note. Nonetheless, it mixes with the top note to create a unique smell. Moreover, this part makes up less than 24% of perfume.

Popular Fragrance Notes for Female Students

Now that you know what fragrance notes are, you can better appreciate the notes female students prefer.


Although peppermint is a popular scent in food items, it serves as an excellent fragrance too. For this reason, female students love using perfumes made with peppermint. In most cases, using a scent that contains this ingredient appeals to both males and females. Since peppermint can be intense for many users, perfume makers prefer to use it as a top or base note. As such, peppermint works best when used in moderation.

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For many years, vanilla has remained a popular scent among females. This fragrance is usually:

  • Sweet;
  • Playful;
  • Sensual;
  • Seductive.

Vanilla also blends well with other scents. As such, many female students love using perfumes that contain this ingredient. Unlike other scents, vanilla can be used effectively as any of the three notes as it has universal appeal.


Cinnamon is a fragrance note that has become quite popular with young women over the years. Its popularity is primarily due to its warm and cozy scent. In particular, many women prefer to use perfumes that contain cinnamon during colder periods. Also, cinnamon-based perfumes fit in perfectly with the lifestyle of many female students. Many cologne makers use this element as either a top or base note since too much of it can be overwhelming.


Coffee, in general, has an invigorating smell that appeals to most people, even those who do not drink it. As such, many female students like using perfumes that contain this component. What makes the coffee smell pleasing is that it invokes memories of pleasant places like coffee shops and caf├ęs.


Lavender is one of the few components that have a relaxing effect on its users. Therefore, people use it when making soaps, lotions, and aromatic products. For these reasons and more, many young women like using lavender-based perfumes. In addition, this scent can be used as any of the three notes.  

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Female students prefer using specific fragrance notes, which has become popular among this demographic. Each of these scents appears as a top, heart, or base in perfumes. Yet, most perfume makers use each fragrance differently. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different fragrances – you may discover a liking for popular or unique and underappreciated scents.

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