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There are several games that you can play with cards. Some of the games involve other players while other games can be played on your own. However, it may come as a surprise that some people not only play cards but also collect playing card decks as well. Below are some of the rarest and most expensive playing card decks that you probably didn’t know exist.

Blue Blood

Blue Blood is a playing card deck that features the artwork of Linnea Gits & Peter Dunham. All of the cards in this deck were fully custom made, from the courts to the face cards. In addition to this, only 2500 sets of this deck of cards were printed globally. For this reason, Blue Blood is considered one of the rarest playing cards available.

Brown Wynn

Another playing card deck that is considered rare and expensive is Brown Wynn which was commissioned exclusively for the Wynn Casino and Hotel. These cards were introduced as part of a trio set that includes the Violet and Red Wynn playing cards. This deck became interesting for several deck collectors because it has been deemed that this set will no longer be printed again. To date, even if you are keen on adding this set to your collection, you will rarely find them being sold.


Everything about the Empire deck is inspiring because of its strong and bold design. Each card included in the deck is customized, reflecting the artwork of the designer, Lee Mckenzie. This deck is characterized by a bold dark red and gold color pallet.

Scarlett Tally-Ho

Jackson Robinson named this deck in honor of his daughter, Scarlett. The set is colored with metallic gold accents, with each card featuring a fully customized design. Initially, only three versions were made available. These were the Limited Edition (700 decks), the Gold Edition with gold-foil gilded edges (200 decks), and the Legacy Edition. Only 950 decks of these decks were printed, which is why it can be quite difficult to find the Scarlett Tally-Ho playing card set today.

Gold Private Reserve

The Gold Private Reserve is one of the most elusive playing card sets produced by Dan and Dave. You won’t be able to acquire this deck online because the only way to purchase it is in person. Perhaps this is because only 2500 sets of this deck were produced. The limited stocks can be due to the meticulous fabrication of each deck that involves being wrapped in a gold foil and placed inside an elegant tuck.

Red Fontaine

In 2013, Cardist Zach Mueller designed his own custom deck, which was later known as the Red Fontaine. Only after eight years from its conceptualization, the first edition of the Red Fontaine deck is already sold for incredibly high prices online.

The Boss Deck

Finally, you also have The Boss Deck that was initially designed as an add-on for the Draw like a Boss Kickstarter campaign. Not long after, the 2500 decks initially printed were all sold out. For this reason, this deck is also considered a collector’s item.


The rarest and most expensive playing card decks listed above are only some of the ones that you need to be familiar with to know how to handle them if you ever get the chance to play with these cards. Some of the other special cards include the original stud playing cards, as well as the original Jerry’s Nugget playing cards. Regardless of the cards that you use though, the key is still mastering the game that you are fond of playing to ensure that you emerge victorious each time you play.

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