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Croatia enchants every traveller with its stunning landscapes. It has plenty of beautiful places, from fascinating mountain ranges, and dense forests, to islands scattered across the crystal blue sea, where we can rest and find our small piece of paradise.

Its charm lies not only in sun-drenched beaches and crystal clear sea. Also in architectural splendor and cities full of tradition. And what better way to explore this enchanting country than by luxury sailing on a Corsario Yacht?

Navigating Croatia’s scenic shores

The coast of Croatia along the Adriatic Sea is absolutely stunning. You’ve got these amazing beaches with super clear water, all hugging against these rugged cliffs. And the little towns along the coast? They’re just adorable and full of colourful charm that makes you want to stay forever.

Places like Dubrovnik with its ancient walls or Split with its busy harbour, they’re like time machines blending history with today. Exploring Croatia’s coast is like stepping into a peaceful, magical world where every corner has a story to tell.

The ultimate luxury yachting experience

You have got to experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea in total luxury and comfort. Charter a luxury yacht in Croatia and enjoy a different experience. Whether you come to chill on hidden beaches, explore local culture and taste delicious food or you are more like an adventurist who is interested in discovering coves and the underwater world, Croatia yacht charters have all this covered.

And the best part of all of it is that you can explore Croatia’s secret spots at your own pace. Professionally skilled yacht crew and sea explorers will accompany you on your activities. It’s like having your private adventure on the water.

Photo by Matthias Mullie

Exploring Croatia’s ancient treasures

Step back in time and uncover Croatia’s ancient wonders while cruising on a yacht. Walk down the old streets of Dubrovnik, where its medieval walls speak their story. Explore the incredible Diocletian’s Palace in Split and don’t miss a chance to testify the medieval charm of the island of Korčula. 

Each stop along the coast reveals a piece of Croatia’s captivating past. With a yacht as your guide, you’ll sail through history, discovering hidden treasures with every mile.

Yacht Charter’s exclusive itineraries

Yacht charters offer amazing trips tailored just for you. They’ve planned out these exclusive routes that mix peaceful spots with exciting stops along Croatia’s beautiful coast. Whether you’re craving some alone time or want to dive into local culture, chartering a yacht would be the perfect choice. During your “free time” enjoy on a deck basking in the sun, take a relaxing massage treatment or recharge your batteries in a jacuzzi for a new day to come.

a large boat floating on top of a body of water

Entertainment facilities provided a dose of fun. Watch your favourite series on smart TV or play FIFA  on PlayStation with your friends. As the sun goes down, enjoy a beautiful sunset and an evening of good company and tasty food.

Crafting lasting memories

As the sun dips below the horizon on your luxurious sailing trip with a yacht charter along Croatia’s stunning coast, it’s not just the beautiful beaches, old ruins, and delicious food that you’ll remember. It’s the connections you make with other travellers, the laughter you share over tasty meals, and the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea that will stay with you. 

Every moment, handpicked by yacht charter, adds to your adventure, forming a beautiful collection of memories. Whether it’s the peace of hidden beaches or the excitement of lively ports, Croatia’s beauty touches your heart, creating memories you’ll cherish forever.

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