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So you’re planning a road trip around New Jersey. Maybe you’re a local who wants to explore your home state or you’ve decided that the Garden State is the perfect spot for your next family road trip. Either way, it’s important you pack all the necessary stuff before setting off.

New Jersey map

Nowadays, we tend to use our phones to direct ourselves. But if you’re on a road trip, it’s essential that you bring a physical map with you too. Phone service can drop at the most inconvenient moments, which is the last thing you want if you’re also lost. Bring a map and familiarize yourself with your route rather than relying solely on your phone or GPS system.

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Driving documents

No one wants to be pulled over on a road trip, but it can happen to the best of us. That’s why it’s essential you bring all your driving documents, including your license and proof of insurance. New Jersey requires all drivers to have full coverage before they hit the roads, so whether you’re using your usual insurance or a pay-per-mile car insurance alternative, make sure you have documentary proof of it in your glove compartment.

Comfy clothes, waterproofs, and walking shoes

Any seasoned road-tripper will tell you that comfy clothes are a must. No one wants to be sat in a car all day wearing their tightest jeans. If you’re on a road trip in New Jersey, be sure to bring layers and a waterproof. The temperature inside your car might be very different from the outside temperature and New Jersey summers are often rainy.

Also, many of the best road trips in New Jersey offer a wealth of natural scenery or picturesque coastal towns to wander through. That means even though you’re on a road trip, make sure you bring sturdy walking shoes for when you venture out of the car.

Car emergency kit

Cars break down, accidents happen, and although New Jersey might not have as many remote and isolated spots as states like Montana or Alaska, you should still be fully prepared for an emergency.

Useful kit to store in your emergency car kit includes a flashlight, first aid kit, booster cables, roadside signal flares, blankets, bottles of water, basic tools, and batteries.


You may already have your wash bag packed, but there are some extra toiletries you should consider bringing along on your road trip. Cars get stuffy and no one feels truly fresh after several hours of driving, but with the right toiletries, you can feel fresher for longer. These include baby wipes, dry shampoo, breath mints, moisturizing face mist, painkillers, a quick-dry travel towel, and sunblock.

Games, books, and music

While New Jersey has many beautiful sights to offer road-trippers, there will inevitably be dull moments where your passengers need some entertainment. Music, podcasts, and audiobooks can be enjoyed by everyone in the car, so make sure you have plenty downloaded on your phone to connect to your car speakers. 

Non-driving road-trippers may also appreciate travel-friendly games. While you can crack out board games when you come to a stop, car games like the number plate game and twenty questions will help keep younger passengers entertained. 

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