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Chartering luxury yachts presents you with exceptional prestige and unique experience. Gliding through the rough or calm waters while enjoying high-end niceties on board is purely blissful. 

The global luxury yacht market is expected to increase by more than 100% between 2019 (USD$6.58 billion) and 2030 (USD$14.58 billion). More and more travel enthusiasts are opting for chartered yachts owing to their lush offerings. 

However, you may not know how exactly to behave onboard in the presence of the crew and your travel buddies. Committing mistakes could strain relationships or cause you to lose a deal. This guide offers tips to help you carry yourself with confidence on luxury yacht charters.

1. The basics of yachting etiquette

Yachting etiquette sets the pace for a harmonious experience on board. Below are some essential basics to master:

  • First impressions matter

Life onboard a yacht may not have a clear distinction between night and day, outdoors and indoors. You sleep and wake up on the same premises and spend your entire time there. Nevertheless, it’s essential to dress right, depending on the activity at hand. 

For normal sailing times, put on comfortable and neat clothes. If it’s time for a formal dinner, dress up elegantly. And when ready to dive into the waters, a bikini or swimsuit could work well. Avoid underdressing or overdressing, as it looks awkward. 

  • Respect the crew

The yacht crew works round-the-clock to make you comfortable and take you to your desired destinations, as well as help you in times of emergency. Thus, you must respect them and keep a professional boundary. Strive not to annoy them unnecessarily. Cordial engagement with them makes the trip more enjoyable. 

The good thing is that most luxury yacht services, including YACHTZOO, carefully select their crew members to ensure you have the best at your disposal. They’ve perfected their customer handling skills over several years and know how best to interact with travelers.   

  • Uphold safety

Don’t pretend to know more than the professional crew on board. Heed every safety suggestion they make. They’ve most probably been on the waters for a long time and know the sea vessel in and out. Therefore, always be ready to listen to them.

2. Social etiquette

Besides the essential yachting etiquette introduced above, you’d want to dig deeper into social doings that make you stand out with impeccable grace. Below are three noteworthy tips:

  • Introduce yourself

Voyages, especially the long ones, are dynamic, with crew members changing time after time and new guests joining. It’s thoughtful of you to introduce yourself to new faces. It helps break the ice and sparks conversations. But know how far you should go into talking with new acquaintances. Your emotional intelligence will tell you when to end the chat and attend to other things.

  • Give gifts

There’s no better way of showing appreciation to the yacht owner and crew members than giving them a well-thought-out gift. Consider what they like from your interaction with them. Gifts like a bottle of wine, a nautical-themed notebook, a decorative compass, quality marine binoculars, gourmet seafood hampers, yachting magazine subscriptions, or non-slip deck shoes are excellent ideas.  

  • Give a tip

Besides gifts, you may want to uphold the good old tradition of tipping. A general rule of thumb is setting aside 5 to 20% of the charter fee and dividing it among the crew members. They’ll genuinely appreciate it and strive to make your voyage even more memorable. 

  • Keep time

Don’t always be the last one to get to the dining table, keeping other people waiting longer than necessary. Inquire about the yacht’s meal protocols and adhere to the outlined timelines. It makes work easy for the chef and other people on board.


3. Take care of amenities

Luxury yachts feature dozens of onboard amenities, including jacuzzis, gyms, cinema rooms, and infinity pools. You must take care of them as they’re typically expensive. Furthermore, these are shared facilities, and it’s only logical to use them with the next user in mind. If any piece of equipment needs cleaning, do so after using it so the next person finds it in excellent condition. Also, handle them with care to avoid breakages and malfunctions. These small acts of responsibility ensure everyone on board enjoys the yacht’s offerings.

4. Be environmentally conscious

Throwing litter overboard is unspeakable. It not only ruins the sea’s natural beauty but also endangers marine life. Fish can choke upon ingesting plastic. Case in point, about 200 million tourists visit the Mediterranean every year, and this can increase the plastic trash in the sea by 40%. Thus, show some responsibility by throwing litter in the designated places. When no one is watching you, integrity is what it takes to safeguard the environment from such harm.

Another aspect of environmental consciousness is choosing sustainable seafood over exotic processed food. Buying from locals along the seashore supports livelihoods. Moreover, opt for luxury yachts with modern engines that consume less fuel and emit less harmful gases.  You’d also want to use biodegradable cleaning products that don’t hurt sea animals.


Yachting etiquette makes your voyage enjoyable by enriching interactions. Master the tips highlighted herein and more before stepping on board. Furthermore, mingle with seasoned yacht voyagers to borrow a leaf or two from them. However, these aren’t hard rules set in stone. As you practice these social norms, be yourself, and everyone will appreciate it.  

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