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Are you looking to sell your house? Homebuyers consider a huge number of factors when making a decision about buying a house. Families look for friendly neighbourhoods with schools nearby. Young couples prefer good transport links and being near the city. Meanwhile, others might be more interested in low crime, rural space. But what about inside the house? According to 24/7 Wall St., people are willing to pay more for the following:



Around 40% of buyers are willing to pay more for a house with a fireplace, meaning that if you’ve got this features, you’ll likely have no trouble finding a buyer for your house. A fireplace can add significant value to a home. To find out how much, click here for a free home evaluation to find out just how much your house is worth and what improvements you could make to increase value. 

As more of us move to tablets and e-readers for evening entertainment, there’s no better feeling than curling up next to the fire. Fireplaces – working or not – are a great home feature that adds warmth and traditionality to a house. 

Open plan kitchen and dining

Families are looking for a more open living space – especially in the kitchen. Family time is limited in the modern world, but sitting down for some conversation and a nice meal is still an integral part of the day for many families.  

A kitchen island

Is there anything dreamier than a kitchen island? Islands are perfect for adding additional storage within the kitchen, as well as providing more worktop space. They’re also great for casual dining and can easily be transformed into a breakfast (cocktail) bar.


En suite bathrooms

These are especially desirable in the master bedroom. Further still, ‘his and her’ sinks are another luxury feature people look for in the en suite. The master bedroom is a sanctuary for the homeowner, and part of this is being able to take a long soak in the bath, or get ready in their own time – without having to share the bathroom with the rest of the family. 

Hardwood floors

While older generations look for carpeted living spaces for better insulation, younger buyers are looking for hardwood floors. This traditional home feature is back in style, and buyers are willing to pay up to $2000 more for the luxury. 

Walk-in closet

Thanks to the likes of many fashion-centric reality shows, we now have much more insight into how the rich and famous live. In light of this, a huge 60% of homeowners say they are willing to pay extra for a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. 

While space is a huge factor for this feature, it’s also a sign of status for many people. It’s definitely one of those ‘I’ve finally made it’ rooms that would make anyone proud of their house. 



Similar to the walk-in closet, a pantry is another sign of middle-class status. It’s also a great way of keeping the kitchen neat and tidy, while hiding away sweet treats, tins and household staples. 

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