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When you think of luxury mansions, you might think of expensive cars and high-end clothes. This is what often come to mind. However, in this busy world of over commitments and not enough time, luxury just may be served by having products that save your precious time. Having something that makes our lives easier where time is concerned can be a real bonus. Let’s look at five modern home innovations that can save valuable time.

Prehung Doors

What is a prehung door? Prehung doors are an excellent alternative to replacing a damaged door in your home. They are a time-saving luxury item since they are already mounted onto a frame. Prehung doors come with everything needed for installation so they are quickly installed. The installation of a regular slab door is often complicated by framing issues. Many times the slab doors may not fit perfectly into the frame. A misfitting door can be the cause of squeaking. It can also cause opening and closing difficulties. Pre-hung doors are preferred because they save time and energy. Prehung doors can help homeowners avoid the problems that slab doors can create.


Prefinished Closet Organizers

There is no better feeling than to open a closet door to a perfectly organized closet finding your shirts and shoes all in perfect order. Prefinished, customizable closet organizers can be easily located in a brick and mortar store or ordered online. The benefits aside from the attractive look of an expertly organized closet are many. For example:

  • It can save time and reduce stress in your morning routine
  • It can lead to the savings of hard-earned cash by preventing you from repurchasing like items
  • It can add to storage in the home
  • It can increase the home’s value

Lock Out Protection

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Have you ever experienced the sickening feeling of realizing you just shut the door to your home and left the keys inside? The time and money wasted on a locksmith should certainly make investing in a lockout protection system worth it. A lockout protection system works by allowing the homeowner to lock and unlock their home doors with a smartphone. No need to replace home locks to upgrade to this ingenious system. A smart lock works along with a regular deadbolt. Some smart lock systems that will connect to the internet allowing control from any location. This feature allows the homeowner control over the security of their home from a distance.

Bluetooth Tracker

Who can total up all the time wasted each day trying to locate missing items like keys, purses, or wallets? A Bluetooth tracker can truly be a lifesaver. Losing personal items can cause untold misery and problems. A Bluetooth tracker is a very simple device. It attaches to your personal item and is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. If an item is misplaced, then the app installed on your phone is accessed. The app allows the person to ring the tracker sending a beeping sound that assists in finding lost valuables.

Family Organizer App

Literally, you can find an app for every purpose and that includes an app to help you stay on top of a busy family’s activities. A family organizer app allows you to populate a calendar with events, chores, and lists. It offers coloring coding and allows one to stay on top of the whereabouts and activities of each member of the family. This app can support the unity and organization of one’s family life, thereby saving time and energy. After the initial investment of time to set up the calendar, you can enjoy the improved communication and the flow of the day to day running of your household.

Technology is revolutionizing the world in the fields of communication, personal safety, home innovations, and the list continues. It can certainly bring change to your life as well. The five products mentioned above may require an initial investment of time, money, or installation. However, upgrading your life with modern technology can be a true luxury in the sense that it can boost your peace of mind, enhance family communication, and increase your personal safety.

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