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Maintaining a blooming romance isn’t always easy; after all, life tends to get in the way and makes it near impossible to keep things fun and interesting. And, if the pressures of life aren’t enough to put a damper on your relationship and time spent in the bedroom, there’s always the kids and household chores to do you in.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, there are countless little things you can do to get your relationship out of standstill status and back into high gear. Here are five tips to spice up any foundering relationship.

1. Prioritize Quality Time

Quality time with your special someone is the most important thing in any relationship. That doesn’t mean ignoring all your other responsibilities; it just means carving out time to spend with your partner instead of letting life get in the way. You can prioritize your budding romance in the following ways:

  • Get a dedicated babysitter.
  • Find time every day to connect with your partner.
  • Start a “no cell phone” policy during your alone time.
  • Have a designated date night.
  • Enjoy the little things.
  • Be creative with quality-time activities.

2. Try Something They Like

No one’s saying you’re a bad boyfriend or girlfriend. But if you haven’t been open to trying things your partner likes and enjoys doing, now is the time to stop being stubborn and compromise more. Find out some of the things he or she enjoys doing and experiencing and offer to join him or her next time. For example, if your significant other is a fitness junkie, offer to join him or her on a hike or for a jog around the block. Experiencing and enjoying life together helps both parties feel closer and bonded.


3. Spice Up Your Wardrobe

One of the best and easiest ways to put the sizzle back in your relationship is to upgrade your wardrobe with a few sexy pieces of lingerie. Indeed, buying a new lingerie set or garter can help you feel more self-confident and strengthen your relationship. It’s also a great way to spice things up and get out of your normal day-to-day routine that can easily become ho-hum. So, start shopping for a few new pieces you’re sure will get your partner going. Browse styles like lace garters, mosaic teddy’s, satin chemises and sweater rompers.

4. Experience New Things Together

Trying and experiencing new things together allows you to make new connections in unexpected ways. In that vein, sit down with your partner and come up with a list of activities and experiences you’ve always wanted to try out. What are some of your hobbies or items you still want to check off your bucket list? Don’t limit this to simple date nights and instead try out something new both inside and outside of the bedroom.

5. Get Yourselves in the Mood

When you’ve actually found the time to spend together and are finally alone, set the mood for some much-needed intimacy in the bedroom. Not all primal desires are or have to be spontaneous, but make it a point to do whatever is necessary to lean into lust whenever the mood strikes. 

Light some candles, turn on some mood music, slip into your new piece of lingerie, or take a bath together, and just enjoy each other’s company. Or, you might want to whip out a few of your old, favorite toys and mess around with your partner. Bottom line: Learn what your partner likes each time you’re being intimate, so you know how to indulge him or her and, more importantly, what to avoid for the next go around.

Get Out of Your Relationship Rut

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your relationship and know improvement in certain key areas is necessary and possible, following these tips can help you start enjoying life and each other as things were meant to be. So, whether you find new ways to prioritize spending quality time together, experience new adventures, or buy a few new pieces of sexy lingerie, you easily can get your relationship back on track.

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