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The Ultimate Guide to Having a Luxury Lifestyle in the New Year

With the new year fast approaching, many people, including yourself, will have already begun to think about what changes they are going to make in their lives and how to achieve these goals. The new year is a great time to declare a new start for yourself and set resolutions ...
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5 Luxury Gift Ideas For That Special Someone

The festive season is fast approaching, which means that now is the ideal time to start shopping for that special someone. There is always a considerable amount of pressure to purchase your partner something that they will love and highly appreciate, no matter if it is the early stages of ...
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Domaine Des Malandes, A Winery Anchored In Tradition And Overflowing Energy

Domaine des Malandes is a family domaine that exploits 29 hectares of vines in Chablis. Their wines are appreciated for their freshness, finesse and minerality directly from the famous Kimmeridgian, unique subsoil of the Chablis vineyard. France has a fantastic terroir and Chablis is for sure one of the best ...
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Moon phases in watch-making: measuring life with time.

Watchmaking is a beautiful blend of technical mastery and poetry. Watchmakers are often considered as artists and from their ingenuity comes marvelous creations that keep your time. Some of the watches can do much more. What we usually call complications, bring an added value to the measure of time. This ...
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La Prairie A Tale of Luxury: Where Precious Materials Meet Infinite Beauty

 From the chasms of earth and sea emerge the eternity of platinum, the opulence of gold, the indulgence of caviar and the luminosity of white caviar. Swiss luxury skincare brand La Prairie presents the next chapter of its unique story with a new film. The two-minute video highlights La ...
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Here is what Ferrari showcased during the Zurich Auto Show 2018

The Zurich Auto Show 2018 is currently taking place in Switzerland and Ferrari showcased the very best of new cars. With more than 225 exhibitors, 42 new models, an area of 30'000m2 and more than 60'000 visitors, the Zurich Auto show stands out as a main car event in Europe ...
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Suívie: Healthy Energy For Your Life – The Power Of Erva Mate

Suívie is a Swiss-Brazilian venture that stands for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, combining the best of two worlds: the vibrancy and “joie de vivre” from Brazil with the quality and purity from Switzerland. This month LuxuryActivist tried 2 main products from Suívie: The Suívie Lemon and Hibiscus Ice Tea The Suívie Tea - ...
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Two Luxury Home Updates to Enhance Your Life

Your home is the place that your whole life revolves around; it is the place where you can relax, entertain friends and family, live with someone you love, and maybe even raise a family. Aside from the basic functions of your house, it should also be a place where you get ...
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Creating a Luxury Christmas Break

Everyone has different ideas and expectations when it comes to Christmas. While some see it as a magical time of the year, for others it may be about bonding with family. Another thing that Christmas can be is luxury if you want it to be. There are many activities you ...
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BYREDO Is Taking Over London And Paris – Stores Opening

BYREDO is deploying its worldwide strategy by getting a strong footprint into the luxury retail. This fall the Swedish, Parisian based brand is opening a store in London and in Paris. A beautiful brand for beautiful people in beautiful places. BYREDO London - 42 Lexington Street The London flagship store ...
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The Three Most Astonishing Pearl Stories

By Heather Carlson of The pearl is one of the most valuable jewels in the world to this day. Known as the Queen of Gems, it is a symbol of elegance, wealth, and social status that is hard to replicate. Because some of these treasures are incredibly valuable, they ...
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Best SUV in 2018 & 2019, The Editor’s selection

The Automobile industry is a fantastic business that echoes around the world. It was always a symbol of progress, technology and many times an ostentatious symbol. One important segment is the luxury SUV segment that has experienced tremendous growth in the past 10 years. Originally, SUVs were meant to be useful ...
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Four Tips for Creating a Luxury Home

Luxury homes are showcased in magazines, featured in tv specials, and coveted by most around the world. They are the best, the biggest, and the epitome of human design and elegance. The lie here, however, is that they are only for the elite. You can transform any property into a ...
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How to Start Your Own Custom Jewelry Business

Making your own costume jewelry can be both fun and profitable. Let’s assume that you are interested in costume jewelry, want to try it out as a hobby, and, if people love your stuff, start a part-time or full-time business. Learning All about Costume Jewelry If you’re interested in making ...
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Joy By Dior, The Fragrance Evaluation : A Copy Of Allure de Chanel

As most of you know by now, Christian Dior is launching JOY BY DIOR, the new fragrance for women. The perfumery community is one hundred percent aligned in the fact that most of the marketing mix is wrong for an important Dior launch: The name JOY is a complete mascarade, ...
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