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BYREDO Is Taking Over London And Paris – Stores Opening

BYREDO is deploying its worldwide strategy by getting a strong footprint into the luxury retail. This fall the Swedish, Parisian based brand is opening a store in London and in Paris. A beautiful brand for beautiful people in beautiful places. BYREDO London - 42 Lexington Street The London flagship store ...
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The Three Most Astonishing Pearl Stories

By Heather Carlson of The pearl is one of the most valuable jewels in the world to this day. Known as the Queen of Gems, it is a symbol of elegance, wealth, and social status that is hard to replicate. Because some of these treasures are incredibly valuable, they ...
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Best SUV in 2018 & 2019, The Editor’s selection

The Automobile industry is a fantastic business that echoes around the world. It was always a symbol of progress, technology and many times an ostentatious symbol. One important segment is the luxury SUV segment that has experienced tremendous growth in the past 10 years. Originally, SUVs were meant to be useful ...
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Four Tips for Creating a Luxury Home

Luxury homes are showcased in magazines, featured in tv specials, and coveted by most around the world. They are the best, the biggest, and the epitome of human design and elegance. The lie here, however, is that they are only for the elite. You can transform any property into a ...
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How to Start Your Own Custom Jewelry Business

Making your own costume jewelry can be both fun and profitable. Let’s assume that you are interested in costume jewelry, want to try it out as a hobby, and, if people love your stuff, start a part-time or full-time business. Learning All about Costume Jewelry If you’re interested in making ...
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Joy By Dior, The Fragrance Evaluation : A Copy Of Allure de Chanel

As most of you know by now, Christian Dior is launching JOY BY DIOR, the new fragrance for women. The perfumery community is one hundred percent aligned in the fact that most of the marketing mix is wrong for an important Dior launch: The name JOY is a complete mascarade, ...
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How to Create Your Dream Home and Stay On Budget

If you’ve recently moved into a new property, or wish to make your current house feel more like home, then you’ll undoubtedly be looking for design tips, inspiration, and helpful instruction. Staying on budget needn’t be a difficult task as long as you plan how you’re going to carry out ...
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How to Plan a Romantic Trip for Your Spouse

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a romantic vacation for your spouse. You can sweep your partner off their feet by treating them to a luxurious break that will make him or her feel truly special, so they’ll fall in love with you even more than they already do! ...
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How to Plan a Romantic Honeymoon

It’s your honeymoon, so it’s bound to be romantic right? Not necessarily so, unfortunately. Planning a honeymoon is possibly one of the most stressful parts of getting married, and it’s usually left to the newlyweds to organise. To help all you love birds out there we’ve put together a few ...
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Nature, Culture and Fun in the Sun: Enjoy an Austrian Summer at CLC Alpine Centre

This summer, choose your own adventure in the Austrian Alps. While it may be the epitome of a wonderland in the winter months, to overlook Austria for your summer escape to the sun is to miss out on a holiday that is nothing short of magical — especially with such ...
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Getting, Wearing and Caring for the Perfect Jewelry

For many people, jewelry is the ultimate accessory. It can immediately enhance any outfit, dressing up even the most basic t-shirt and jeans ensemble. Jewelry can also be a serious investment and very personal item. Few possessions can have such value and meaning. So it’s only natural people want to show ...
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Why Golf is Such a Luxury Sport

Of the many sports on offer around the world, golf is often seen as a luxury sport.  It can also be seen as a ‘rich man’s sport’ but is this really the case now? Why it is a luxury sportYes, it is true that golf is a luxury sport.  You ...
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4 Tips For Setting Up A Luxury Corporate Events Company

If organising exclusive events in luxe locations for corporate high-flyers sounds fantastic, a career in events planning might be your calling. Add a can-do attitude and lashings of charm and you’ve got a firm foundation for success. But excelling in the events industry is also extremely hard work — so here are ...
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Mediterranean Yacht Charter: Experience the Med Like Never Before

There’s a reason why the Mediterranean has long been the favourite playground of yachties. It’s not just that it is home to many beautiful areas perfectly suited to exploration by yacht charter, such as the French Riviera, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, and the dreamy archipelagos of Greece. Those in the know ...
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Advice For Finding And Purchasing A Luxury Home

Buying a luxury home is an enormous purchase, but it is also a life-changing one, and hopefully, it will be somewhere that will make you very happy for many years to come. Many people dream of owning their very own palatial pad and raising a family, but this does not ...
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