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Tips For Hosting The Perfect Dinner Party

If you’re hosting a dinner party at your home, then preparation is key to the success of the evening. You’re going to be largely in charge of preparing the food and dietary requirements yourself unless, of course, you’re getting a caterer. The decoration inside your own home, keeping check of ...
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How to start a blog about luxury?

We tend to say there are 152 million bloggers around the world. That seems a lot, especially when you know that every second a new blog is created. Bloggers are a quite recent phenomenon and brands have been using them as a leverage for visibility. In the past 2 to ...
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The Luxury Health and Wellness Routine Every Man Needs

It’s no myth that the well-rounded man lives a well-rounded lifestyle. Increasingly, men are investing more in themselves, including their looks and lifestyle, and there’s no longer any taboo or judgment around men’s health and wellness goals. So what are the steps every man should follow for the ultimate luxury health and ...
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Learn How to Plan an Amazing Exotic Vacation to Turks and Caicos

Traveling to exotic places allows you to see things that you may not be able to see anywhere else. When traveling on a luxury vacation, it is important to make the most of your time in the exotic destination. If you are looking for a great place to travel on ...
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How to Have a Luxury Lifestyle on a Budget

While you may wish to experience the luxurious side of life, you may not think you have the budget to make it possible. The good news is that there are ways to get a taste of the high life without clearing out your bank account. You just need to be ...
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The Larvotto Penthouse in Monaco: An Art Lover’s Dream

Property in Monaco has always been at a premium, but it has now reached dizzying heights of luxuriousness. A brand new penthouse has recently been added to the property market in the prestigious Principality’s Larvotto Beach locality. Priced at over EUR 30 million, this stunning Larvotto Penthouse is firmly in ...
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5 must-buy items for the ultimate luxury pad

Creature comforts are crucial in any home — but those who appreciate the finer things in life tend to take ambience to the next level. If you’re designing your own elegant residence from scratch, or revamping the interior of an existing property, you’ve got a rare opportunity to create a bespoke ...
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What Buyers Are Looking for in High End Luxury Real Estate

When it comes to high end luxury real estate, home buyers are precise as to what exactly they are looking for. According to the CEO and President of Better Homes and Gardens, Sherry Chris, prospective high-end luxury home buyers aren’t as concerned with size as one might imagine, but rather, ...
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4 ways to break into luxury entrepreneurship

Carving yourself a career in the luxury goods and services sector is no mean feat — especially when you’re up against established brands with hard-earned reputations. But if you like the finer things in life, have excellent taste and the confidence to mix and mingle with anyone, life as a luxury ...
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The Most Futuristic Luxury Cars on the Road Today

Luxury cars of the future were once the stuff of science fiction and museum-worthy displays. And the history of futuristic cars stretches back for decades. According to the Smithsonian, the Tucker was acclaimed as the 1940s car of the future. The Tucker Torpedo was unveiled in 1946 as a sedan featuring ...
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5 Contacts That Every Luxury Brand Should Have

Life as an entrepreneur is never straight forward. You may feel as though you are constantly moving from one challenge to the next. This is especially likely if you are in the early stages of establishing your luxury brand. In a competitive market, it can be difficult to stand out ...
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The New Victorinox Midnite Manager@Work: High-Tech for Professionals

This year Victorinox has relaunched its collection around USB keys blended into practical pocket tools. They have always represented the perfect companion for your daily business life, as well as for your special moments when you needed to share documents, images and videos. With the new Victorinox Midnite Manager@work, the ...
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Why Luxury Student Accommodation is the Way to Go

When people think of student accommodation, they often imagine one room with a wardrobe and not much space. While student accommodation can vary from place to place, there is a newer type of student house that is nothing like you would imagine. Luxury student apartments are now becoming more prevalent ...
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How to Add Luxury to Your Working Life

Luxury means different things to different people. To some, luxury is a well-made item of clothing or jewelry they can wear with pride, or an expensive watch they can pass down to future generations. To others, it means living closer to nature, taking a boat out on the open water, ...
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Christmas in the Snow: France or Switzerland?

For discerning travellers, Christmas spent at a luxury ski chalet offers the chance to experience the ideal festive travelling experience. Envisage a picturesque chalet, nestled beneath powdery pistes; reindeer pulling a sleigh of excitable children along chocolate-box streets; giant evergreen trees, decorated top to bottom with ornamental lights and baubles ...
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