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Top 5 Best Luxury Hotels in Geneva.

Geneva is one of the world luxury capitals. From Rue du Rhone to Quai des Bergues, the city of Calvin is one of the best destinations for a luxury traveler. In order to help you organize your trip to Geneva, here are our top 5 best luxury hotels of the ...
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Wireless internet in airplanes: the end of an el dorado of peace. 

We are always connected. Is there any place in this world where we cannot receive any SMS, email or even a phone call? Even in a desert or in the middle of a sub-tropical jungle things are possible. But there was one place in which we were forced to be ...
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Ways to Treat Yourself After a Stressful House Move

Moving isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t fun. In fact, moving can be one of the most stressful things that you’ll ever do. So after you’ve completed a house move, it’s time to relax and treat yourself. How can you go about doing so? Check out the tips below that ...
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3 New Desserts at the Lausanne Royal Savoy – New Menu.

During a very inspiring morning at the Royal Savoy in Lausanne, we were able to discover 3 new desserts that will complete the new menu for this Spring. It was the opportunity to meet the talents behind this extraordinary cuisine like Julien Krauss (Executive Chef), Adam Bentalha (Brasserie Chef) or ...
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“Bubbly Breakfast” at the Lausanne Royal Savoy. When talent and creativity meet.

This morning there was only one place where LuxuryActivist could be. It is a exceptional place where luxury, art and know-how meet. This place is called the Lausanne Royal Savoy. Around this very exclusive breakfast table 5 amazing talents: Mr Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave at Moët & Chandon Mr ...
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The World’s most expensive trip by DreamMaker – Bespoke Luxury at all levels.

DreamMaker is a 28-year old-experiential travel and event design boutique. The DreamMaker crafts uniquely creative design concepts for their clients’ vacations with an emphasis on experiences that have never been done before. This time DreamMaker offers a world premiere, the most expensive trip ever made, costing USD 14 million for ...
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How to Pick the Perfect Luxury Hotel

You will want to feel relaxed and comfortable on holiday, which is why you should look for a luxury hotel that will make you feel a million miles away from home. However, finding the perfect hotel can sometimes feel like an uphill challenge if there are so many places to ...
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La Brasserie du Royal by Marc Haeberlin – beautiful.

There are places that you go once and you want to go back again and again. This is the case for the Brasserie du Royal at the Royal Savoy Hotel in Lausanne. The menu of the Brasserie du Royal reflects the craftsmanship of Michelin-starred chef Marc Haeberlin. Recognized in France ...
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Luxury Traveler: Top 3 sunny destinations the holiday season

Summer is already behind us and as much as we like indian summers, it is not the same thing. So for that week of holiday you have before christmas here are our top destinations for this fall. 1- Saint Barthélemy, land of eternal sun What can we say about this ...
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Millennial-Led Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

If you’re born between 1982 and 2004, then you’re a Millennial. The title comes with some negative connotations, but there’s no denying the generation has already made its mark on the world. It’s the generation that’s redefining marriage, work schedules and how we connect with the rest of the world ...
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3 Reasons You Should Book a Skiing Holiday This Winter

The hype around holidays always increases during the summer months, with millions of people jetting off to exotic locations for a week or two of sun kissed relaxation. While the views across the sea can be spectacular, they don’t come close to the snowy picturesque scenery you can expect on ...
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Luxury news: AO YUN, The New Frontier of Winemaking

Moet Hennessy has a strong heritage of innovation and respect of traditions. This year they are revealing one of their latest projects: AO YUN, wine from China. It is a multiple years project that has the ambition to become the best wine in China. Moet Hennessy put all the required ...
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The Very Best of Vaudois Wine at Lausanne Palace – Every Monday!

The Office des Vins Vaudois have the pleasure to invite you to an exceptional journey in which you will be able to taste and discover the best Grands Crus of the Vaud region. Exceptional wines that can be tasted only in exceptional places and in Lausanne only one place would ...
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Louis Moinet is officially the inventor of the Chronograph.

After the best part of six months of procedures and thorough investigations, Louis Moinet has become the official holder of the title of “First Chronograph”, awarded by the official Guinness World Records organisation. In bestowing its Guinness World Records award, the worldwide authority brings further recognition of a fact already ...
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High Culture and Desirable Living: Art in Mayfair, London

Since the 18th century, Mayfair in London has been associated with a revered aesthetical appeal thanks to the area’s popularity with people from the higher echelons of society, who have invested in the architecture and design of their prime property. In fact, when Grosvenor Square was built in 1721, titled ...
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