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If you’ve never flown first-class, you don’t know what you’re missing. According to, of US households where the total income was $100,000 or more, 15% stated in a survey that they usually fly first-class, but that number should really be quite a bit higher. If you can swing it, you should really go first-class every time, whether you’re traveling domestically to Florida to search through the Fort Lauderdale houses for sale or plan to jet off to Tahiti. 

Save Time and Fatigue

When you fly first-class, the special treatment starts before you even board – you might get priority access through security lines and free checked bags, which can save time, hassle and money. You’ll get to board first and disembark first, which saves several minutes not having to wait for other passengers to get their luggage out of the overhead bins, but the biggest benefit is the time savings you’ll get when it comes to recovery, especially if you’re flying through a few time zone of more. That’s because it’s all about space, comfort, and privacy making it much easier to get some rest before you arrive. Your seat doesn’t just recline a little bit but it practically turns into a bed – on some airlines, it may even become a bed and you’ll also get better pillows and a cozy blanket too. 

Flying economy usually means losing at least a day – if you’re flying for business, that means a big loss in productivity time, but even if it’s for pleasure, who wants to waste a day or more of precious vacation hours?

It’s Much Easier to Get Work Done

With so many people working online these days, if you’re one of them, you’ll find it’s far easier to accomplish when you have the room to work comfortably. You’ll have plenty of space, power outlets and perhaps even free Wi-Fi which could make it well-worth the cost considering you could lose 10 hours or more of potential productivity on a long haul flight.


Networking Opportunities

Flying first-class, you’re much more likely to find yourself surrounded by VIPs. Whether you’re looking to make a career move or to increase business, it’s one of the best networking opportunities there is. It starts with your access to the lounge where you can relax alongside those who are often some of the most successful in their professions, and continues on your flight where you could end up sitting next to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the founder of a multimillion-dollar business.

The Perks

There are few that would deny the other perks of first-class, starting with the exceptional service that means you’re needs and wants will be attended to before you even ask. Then there’s the food, which is typically of far better quality than what you’ll find in economy. And, while you shouldn’t overindulge, there’s the free booze too. No more having to get your credit card out if you want a snack or another drink. But it goes why behind that, especially in long international flights, with all sorts of amenities like sleep masks, skincare products, toiletries, cozy socks, noise-canceling headphones, and even access to a luxurious changing area.

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