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The world is full to the brim with jaw-droppingly beautiful destinations that are just waiting for you to discover and explore. Rather than visiting popular locations that attract tourists in their droves, consider more unique cities and towns that will provide you with a trip of a lifetime, while proving you are a seasoned traveller. If you are in need of some travel inspiration for your next big adventure, here are four unexpected luxurious destinations you must visit at least once.

1- South Korea


Don’t allow South Korea’s northern neighbor to stop you from visiting this stunning country, which offers breath-taking national parks, islands, and mountains. For example, you can visit temples, hot springs and jagged rock formations at Seoraksan National Park, which is the country’s third highest mountain. You can also relax on the many beautiful beaches or embark on a lava tube tour at Jeju Island, while passionate skiers should definitely visit Deogyusan Resort to take to the slopes before relaxing in a hot spring. You’ll never want to go home!



For a truly luxurious travel experience, look no further than Brazil. The nation is home to 2,000 exquisite beaches, including many private and party options for a truly unforgettable vacation. It also offers many natural wonders to explore, such as the Amazon Rainforest. When you are not busy visiting landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer and Escadaria Selaron, you can experience the many flavors of Brazilian cuisine that will make your trip complete. You can even recreate the dishes yourself once you return home. For example, you will feel as if you are back in the heart of Rio de Janeiro with this Brazilian sweet potato recipe from Hellofresh.



Does the idea of visiting a white-sand beach sound like your idea of heaven? If so, you need to book a trip to Latvia. The Baltic nation is filled with little surprises that will make this one trip you’re unlikely ever to forget. The seaside resort of Riga is home to Vakarbulli Beach, which offers breathtaking scenery that’s the perfect place to visit on a summer’s day. The city is also an ideal destination for history and architecture lovers, as the historic old town features mesmerizing churches and castles that are a celebration of the city’s extensive past.



If you are looking to head off on a fun, luxurious adventure, you’ll want to travel to Samoa – which should not be confused with its neighbor, American Samoa. The nation is home to 10 unique islands that feature many volcanoes, rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, and swimming holes.

Few waterfalls in the world will impress you more than Papapapaitai Falls, which tumbles into a large gorge. If a luxury break is what you’re looking for in Samoa, there is no better place to stay than Upolu Island, which is renowned for its ecolodges and beachfront hotels, so you will wake up to a beautiful view of its white sand and bright blue sea.


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