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As one of California’s burgeoning new gems for first-time buyers, retirees, and real estate investors alike, the City of Bakersfield is slowly but surely becoming a popular new destination for people looking to settle down and make a fresh start in their lives. 

For a better idea of the places available in this Southern Califonia City, you can view Bakersfield homes on to get your imaginations running wild! But what happens when you’ve chosen a home? Here’s a short but informative guide to life in Bakersfield and what new residents can expect. 

Bakersfield offers cost-effective California living 

In comparison to the cities and areas in the state of California, Bakersfield will cost you a lot less than nearby big-time destinations like Los Angeles or San Francisco. With less expensive housing costs and an ideal location that’s within commuting distance of many big economical opportunities, residents of Bakersfield can enjoy cost-effective living with all of the big-city benefits. 

Going somewhere? It’s best to travel by car

While downtown Bakersfield offers residents key access to all amenities and modern comforts amid the hustle and bustle of the businesses it hosts, this isn’t always the case when you go into the outskirts of the city. Those awe-inspiring landscapes of the Bakersfield area mean that you’re going to be living in a broad and sprawling part of California. And while walkability is possible, it’s certainly not always going to be convenient. 

Of course, public transportation options are available too, and the city has made some dramatic changes in regard to transport amenities over the years. But having your own method of transportation can give you the freedom to travel far easier and more frequently. 

Business in Bakersfield

Bakersfield hosts several large global companies, with Amazon being one of the most recent and notable arrivals, opening a fulfillment center (which also brought multiple new jobs to the area) in the city. Other businesses and institutions that drive Bakersfield’s economy are Kern Medical, Allied Universal, Webster Bank, and the Bakersfield City School District. 

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Education in Bakersfield

New Bakersfield residents with children can rest assured that they’ll have a large range of high-quality schools to choose from. In fact, there are 33 elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 18 high school district campuses in the surrounding area. The Bakersfield City School District leads by example, providing students with a safe and encouraging environment that instills confidence in new attendees quickly. 

In terms of higher education, residents can benefit from in-state college tuition as part of the California State University System, with over 281 colleges and universities to choose from. 

The weather in Bakersfield

Much like the rest of Southern California, Bakersfield’s weather can reach daily temperatures of around 91 degrees in the pinnacle of the Summer months and around 66 degrees Fahrenheit in the Winter seasons. You can generally expect to enjoy dry Summers and cloudy Winters with very little rainfall.

However, this lack of rain can lead to droughts, and like many other California residents, conserving water during showers and brushing your teeth is encouraged. 

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