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Traveling is a very fun thing for many people across the globe. One of the main issues that many people have when traveling is deciding exactly what should be packed into that tight suitcase. In general, though, when you travel it is certainly a good thing to do so in an eco-friendly manner. There are multiple things that you can purchase in order to travel in such a way. Below you will find 7 must have items for the eco-friend traveler.

1. Straw that is reusable

This might seem like an afterthought but having a reusable straw can save you a ton of headaches. The size of the straw is simply unbeatable and there are a ton of practical ways to use it while drinking. Check out this list for the best reusable straws on the market. In fact, see the next suggestion for its best application!

2. A water bottle and kit that is reusable

This is a must have for anyone traveling. The Go Berkey Kit is a great option here as it is specifically designed for this type of travel. This specific kit will help you purify your water on a long arduous journey. These kits are also quick and efficient and particularly portable for the on the go traveler. One of the worst things that could happen to anyone traveling is getting dehydrated and sick because of the lack of a good clean water supply.

3. A tote bag

This is another easy item to have on hand but it will last a lot longer than a cheap plastic bag. Also, you can get a tote bag with a brand you support and they are reusable for long periods of time. Tote bags are perfect for grocery shopping, especially if you’re doing that frequently. Get ready to customize your own tote bag.


4. Metal or bamboo cutlery

If you have your own silverware, it will cut down on the cheap plastic ware you use from restaurants or drive-thrus. Not only is this eco-friendly, but it also is something you are already comfortable with using. There are a number of good options when it comes to buying cutlery for these trips. These are also nice to have even after your trip is done for things like outdoor picnics or barbecues.

5. Travel mugs that are collapsible

If you are one of the many people who need coffee or tea every morning, having a travel mug that can collapse is essential. This could even be for someone going who isn’t a caffeine person but traveling with a number of people who enjoy the buzz. They will be happy you have decided to pack it when those early morning hikes happen. Here’s a nice list of mugs that are eco-friendly for your next trip.

6. Solid Toiletries

Having the right blend of toiletries is absolutely essential for any trip. There are a number of good options here with solid shampoo, perfume, toothpaste, and conditioner bars. The last thing anyone wants is to get stuck somewhere without any reliable toiletries. These are all also lighter in weight than buying larger bottles. Be sure not to skimp on this category, The Pack Hacker shares full details on this traveling technique.

7. Travel towel

What would a vacation be without a trip to the beach or some fun in the sun? That is why the travel towel is the final item on this list. There are many uses of something like this but here are 9 good options for this last important item.
In conclusion, owning each of these 7 items is the bare minimum to planning an eco-friendly vacation. There are many more items to add to the list via a number of other useful resources worth checking out. Make sure to consider where you are going before you plan your purchases and also talk to everyone in your party. Once that is done, get excited for now only an amazing trip but an environmentally friendly one too!

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