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Luxury vacations usually entail finding yourself a 5-star hotel and settling in for opulent relaxation by the pool, on the beach, in chandelier-decorated lounges or sumptuous dining halls. But what if your inner traveller wants to be moving from place to place, taking in a new destination every other day, while remaining in stylish comfort throughout. Perhaps you dream of exploring the stunning Taj Mahal but want to do so in style. Or, maybe you want to discover the ancient pyramids in Egypt but arrive there rested and relaxed. Here are some luxury travelling ideas sourced from world-wide transport options that will make the process of being on the move part and parcel of the delicious luxury holidaying experience.

Luxury Trains

Across the world, from India to South Africa, train lines are home to some of the most luxurious train carriages imaginable, fitted in an old-fashioned style that’s reminiscent of bygone colonial explorers, yet updated with all the mod-cons that make travel so much smoother. Travelling by rail is in itself a soothing and pleasant experience. You can watch unbelievable landscapes whoosh past but also able to head to gorgeous drinking or dining carts for refreshments or meals, which really makes the experience all the more uniquely beguiling. Some of the greatest adventures can be made by train, including the world famous Orient Express.

Round-the-World Flights

Airline companies are wise to the sort of traveller who likes to hop between destinations and has drawn up flight plans that make luxury airfares a good deal cheaper by combining several flights onto one ticket on a flexible basis. As long as you’ve done your research, ensuring the airline you choose regularly operates out of each country you’ll be heading to, you’ll be able to up sticks from Indonesia and be in Australia, stress-free and comfortably served, by the morning.

Hire Cars

The range of hire cars on the market is so wide that it, of course, accommodates for the luxury traveller. You might want a chauffeur too, but most people with a spirit of adventure will choose to drive themselves, conjuring the freedom of the open road into their hands. Open-top sports cars suit indulgent drives across US states, while luxury-fitted Land Rovers with roof tents will be the best option for independent safaris in the depths of Africa’s savannah. Cover yourself with insurance and an experienced accident attorney for peace of mind in case of collisions of any sort.

Opulent Cruise Liners

Perhaps the epitome of luxury combined with constant movement, the range of cruise liners available to the traveller looking for comfort and that 5-star experience is wide and mouth-watering. There’ll certainly be something that suits your fancy; 10-berth paddle steamers that wind up the Amazon river to 400-capacity giants that hulk between Europe’s great historical harbors around the Mediterranean Sea. Cocktails on deck as the sun sets is an experience you’ll never be bored of, and waking up to a new culture on your doorstep to explore in the day makes for pain-free travel from a luxury base.


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