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Trips to Mexico conjure up images of sprawling city exploration, Aztec ruins in unlikely jungles, and incredible beaches with all the water sports and frolics one can hope for. It’s a famously cheap place to visit, especially for those wishing to sample a little culture and a little luxury under the Mexico sun. For those on more of a budget yet still hoping to squeeze some luxury experiences out of their vacation to Mexico, here are some must-see tips to get you relaxing in opulence while exploring this great and varied nation.

To The Beach


It’s not rare for tourists and travelers alike to make a bee-line for the beaches after landing in Mexico. Here you’ll find picture perfect stretches of sand dotted with beach bars selling the sort of Mexican beer, tequila and rum cocktails that’ll enrich the senses, bringing you into full relaxation mode for your time spend on the sparkling sands of the country’s famous resort enclaves. They’re safe, too, and off-season there’s new dishes to be found at restaurants right by the sea.

Inner City


If you’re more of an urban explorer than a seashore explorer, then you’ll want to get yourself to Mexico City and other such giant metropoles to become enveloped by Mexico’s unique pace of life, supplemented as it is by its devout Catholic history and its exotic traditions. Mexico’s cities can be a little daunting, so it’s best to hire a private driver for the duration of your stay. Some hotels offer this service as standard so that you’ll never waste time attempting to navigate the bus networks or haggling for a cab. The cities are where you’ll find the most luxury bars and restaurants, so foodies and lovers of nightlife should head to the barrios with such opulent delights.

Old-World Charm


Mexico is not short of its smaller cities and towns that operate at a slower pace of life underneath the marvelous architectural wonders of Spanish colonial times that breath an antiquated air into plazas lined with palm trees. If your Mexico vacation requires a place for leisurely and atmospheric strolls, check out vuelos a guadalajara for the epitome of luxury Spanish-era hotels with old-world service and tours that’ll hit out into the countryside for wonderful horse riding and tantalizing tequila tasting.

Aztec Ruins


The most famous Aztec ruins are located at the wonderful Teotihuacán site, where the Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun provide rare and near-complete glimpses of what life was like in ancient times in this mysterious part of the world. Sheer in size, you’ll be able to access the site with specialized tour services with wonderful guides who’ll fill you in on all you need to know about the significance of each temple, avenue, and etched remnant of a once-great civilization.

Mexico has it all, from beaches to ruins, colonial cathedrals to ultra-modern shopping malls. Find your slice of Mexican luxury by following these routes to an opulent vacation.


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