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In recent years, Eastern Europe has earned its status as a luxury hotspot for travellers who crave artistic and cultural energy. Travelling in Eastern Europe offers a wide breadth of Mediterranean landscapes and medieval cities, many of which have been well-preserved throughout the centuries. Even better, luxury standards are largely uniform throughout Europe, which means that you can find the same key conveniences in high-end Eastern European accommodation to ensure a glamorous and relaxing trip.

Getting to Eastern Europe

Most major cities and countries in Eastern Europe are well-connected by airports, especially if you are travelling from within the continent. Some destinations are most easily reachable by train: it is recommended to opt for first class tickets or private compartments for added privacy. For non-EU nationals, it’s generally wise to make arrangements for basic medical necessities and lost or stolen personal items. This is especially important for vacationers bringing or purchasing luxury items, such as fine jewelry or designer handbags, during their trip.

Adriatic Sightseeing in Montenegro

A relatively private oasis compared to more touristy areas, Montenegro boasts some of the finest views and rich coastal foods of the Mediterranean, with plenty of high-end accommodation to satiate the luxurious traveler.  The Montenegrin coast is peppered with Medieval villages and towns such as Ulcinj, a UNESCO world heritage site known for its high-quality beaches. Luxurious travellers can stay at one of the country’s many high-end villas catered by professional cooking staff. The coast also offers a rich tradition in yacht cruises available for hire, as well as houseboats for visitors looking to hop along the coast.

Take A City Break In Budapest

Luxurious urban dwellers will appreciate the city walls of Budapest, a cornerstone of modernity in Eastern Europe. In recent years, the city has developed a reputation for its museums and galleries devoted to high art, such as the landmark Museum of Fine Arts. “With art nouveau splendors lining the curve of the Danube, Budapest promises genteel romance,” says luxury travel writer Natalie Paris. It’s also readily accessible to tour in a few days, making Budapest the ideal option for a quick weekend to cleanse your cultural palette.

With luxe and culture galore, visitors can expect a comfortable treat in Eastern Europe (with the added benefit of being able to move easily between different countries). A stone’s throw from one country to the next will leave you craving more as you survey some of Europe’s richest cultural landscapes for fine traveling.


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