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If you like your summer vacation to be as much about rejuvenation as it is relaxation, then you have come to the right place. From nature immersion getaways to digital detoxing and wellness sabbaticals, keep reading to discover the top 9 wellness travel trends for 2020. 

1.    Chemical-free vacations

With many people looking into the sustainability efforts of the brands they choose to use, hotels and retreats alike have had to step up their game when it comes to how environmentally friendly they are. From chemical-free spas and housekeeping practices to food waste initiatives that look to cut down on their carbon footprint, in 2020, you will see a dramatic increase in accommodation that is environmentally aware. 

2.    Nature immersion getaways 

If your idea of a wellness retreat is getting away from it all and embracing the natural world around you, then this trend is the one for you. With most people nowadays tuned into their smartphones 24/7, a general disassociation with nature has become increasingly apparent. 

However, the benefits of being outside and simply enjoying nature should not be underestimated with exposure to greenspace having the ability to lower high blood pressure, decrease your stress levels and reduce your risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

If you want to feel a journey of transformation through its natural healing processes, check out the spa selection in Greece. 

3.    Re-wilding 


The ideal trend for those who love adventure but also want an element of wellness to their vacation, re-wilding is exactly what it sounds like, going wild!

With most people surrounded by high-rise buildings and concrete pavements everywhere they look, the prospect of getting away from it all and immersing yourself in a wildlife experience has never been more appealing. 

Why not look for a class C RV for sale and embrace the 7 key elements of re-wilding; nature, adventure, exercise, play, rest, nutrition and mindfulness as you embark on a once in a lifetime trip seeking out the natural wonders of the U.S?

4.    Sleep retreats 

Currently in the U.S, an estimated 164 million people struggle to sleep, with between 50-70 million Americans suffering from one or more sleeping disorders. 

Stress and over-working are the two main causes of sleep problems with those affected by a chronic lack of sleep experiencing problems with their judgment, performance, productivity and their overall mental health. Not to mention the fact that a lack of sleep can significantly increase the amount of time it takes you to recover from an illness or injury. 

Welcome to the emergence of the sleep retreat. The concept is simple; you are assessed by a sleep expert or “sleep guru,” and then a tailored program is designed specifically for you to help get to the root of your sleeping problem. 

This may also be combined with relaxing activities such as yoga, spa treatments and a selection of healthy and sleep-inducing meals

5.    Wellness sabbaticals

If you are already a seasoned wellness retreater but are looking for a more intense and full-on experience, then a wellness sabbatical could be exactly what you are looking for. Set to become increasingly popular in 2020, a wellness sabbatical involves embarking on a long-term wellness program with the ultimate aim to be that it gains a wider perspective on your ongoing wellness needs. 

The result? A healthier attitude towards achieving the right balance between work and wellness as increased productivity due to regular R&R. 


6.    Digital detoxing 

It is equally important for your wellbeing to detox your mind as it is your body. Even more so if you have found yourself becoming more and more reliant (or even addicted) to your digital devices. 

A digital detox retreat offers a chance to reconnect with yourself or with your partner with no wi-fi or mobile reception — the perfect antidote to our tech-obsessed society. 

Some of the best digital detox programs for 2020 include Pine Cliffs Digital Detox, Shreyas Silent Retreat, and Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort

7.    Death positive vacations 

You may, or may not, be aware of the current movement towards death positivity and the importance of accepting that death is a natural a part of life in ensuring good mental health. 

Death positive vacations take this concept one step further by creating wellness programs and workshops that teach people how to deal with grief and how to remember lost loved ones in a positive and healthy way. 

There are several spiritual retreats across the globe that offer this type of treatment to those who are struggling to come to terms with their own mortality or those who have recently lost a loved one including The Retreat in Costa Rica which also includes daily yoga and healing massages and Ananda in the Himalayas. 

8.    Sound healing experiences

The healing power of sound has been used for centuries with the Ancient Greeks and the Mayans both embracing this natural therapy. Apollo was the god of music and medicine and both Plato and Aristotle claimed that music had the ability to affect our emotions and our soul. 

This new self-care trend involves using vibrations to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body, as well as promising to encourage introspection. 

Head to The Sound Bath at the Integratron in California for an unforgettable sound and healing experience. 

9.    Genetic profiling retreats 

You may have heard of genetic testing to see what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating in order to lose weight, but the emerging trend of genetic profiling retreats offer a full assessment of your DNA with the promise of improving all aspects of your physical and mental health. 

All you need to do is provide a simple saliva sample. You will then be given a comprehensive account of:

  • Your food sensitivities and intolerances 
  • Your personal nutritional needs
  • Your optimal exercise response 
  • A sleep and stress report
  • An injury and recovery profile 

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