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For those unfamiliar with a yurt, you can think of it as a large tent, except that it’s more sturdy, semi-permanent, and likely far more comfortable and ‘luxurious’ than a regular tent. Many indigenous communities still make their homes in yurts in the southwest, where winters usually last longer than summers. 

Notably, many nature destinations now offer camping in a yurt as an alternative to a conventional hotel or apartment accommodation. This is excellent news for campers who wish to be one with nature. Even if this is something you’ve never done before, you’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. When planning a vacation in a yurt, you may find yourself excited for your next getaway.   

This article enumerates some of the most convincing reasons you should consider glamping in a yurt this year. 

It Could Be A More Affordable Option 

Many travelers choose a yurt holiday over staying in a hotel because of its incomparable affordability. If you’re lucky, you could save half the accommodation costs by sleeping in a yurt.  

This reason should be more convincing if you’re pinching pennies for your trip. Best of all, you could save money without sacrificing convenience and comfort. With beds and other hotel amenities, yurts can also be as comfortable. So, that’s a win in itself. 

It Enables You To Plan And Enjoy A More Nature-Centric Vacation 

Some travelers prefer city destinations, while others go on holidays to relax. Wherever they go, they seek a lifestyle centered on nature, characterized by peace and tranquility, and regarded as a slower pace than they could experience at home. 

If this is you, you’ll be glad to know that going on a holiday also opens up more opportunities to plan and enjoy a nature-centric vacation. Yurt accommodations are often strategically located in camps where they offer nature’s view at its best. Some even make staying in and living with local village people or inhabitants part of the experience. 

That’s as raw as it can get. Those experiences are for the books, worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime. 

Photo credits: Jacklynn Ann Balderosa

It Allows You To Remember Life’s Simplicity 

This third reason is a gift to your mental health. In addition to the stresses of daily living, excessive social media use has been linked to feelings of discontentment. There’s always a desire to have more and do more, thoughts that cause an emotional cycle of stress and anxiety. 

Now that a travel getaway is in order, give yourself a chance to remember and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Going on a yurt vacation may give you just that. While the accommodations may not be as luxurious as a hotel, being at one with nature may bring an indescribable sense of calm and contentment. There’s no rush, no city life, and fewer modern-day distractions to prevent you from enjoying what’s in front of you. 

These feelings increase even more when you stay in a yurt with the locals or nomadic people. Giving yourself or your family a chance to enjoy and live life as it could be the much-needed prescription for mental health you’ve always desired. 

It Does Not Require A Lot Of Work Camping Experience 

Camping is great, but it’s also a lot of work. First-timers will get so overwhelmed at all the work and preparation that has to be done that they may not even want to do it again (if not for the overall unique experience and picturesque views camping brings). Families with young children won’t enjoy that feeling of being on holiday when it’s like they’re still doing chores, only in a different location. 

These are all expected in tents, RVs, or campervans when you have to set up sleeping and dining quarters, pack for meals, and spend time cooking, cleaning up, and disposing of waste. Then, when it’s time to leave, pack the tent and other ‘portable’ gear brought. 

In contrast, when you stay in a yurt, you don’t have to do all that, but you’ll still have that camp-like experience. Like a hotel reservation, you arrive, check in, and you’re good to go. If you don’t like cooking or doing dishes, many yurt camps will provide you with meals.  

Live The Nomadic Experience In A Yurt Holiday 

Spending time outdoors, whether alone, with friends, or with family, benefits your physical and emotional well-being. This fact explains why many people look forward to going on vacations. There are many types of holidays you can opt for, one of which is a yurt holiday. If you are headed off to a destination that offers yurt accommodations, go for it! The reasons listed above, among many others, should sufficiently convince you. 

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