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Adding a touch of opulence to your home is never a bad thing. Luxury can be updated in many different ways, depending on how you most like to spend your time and what you would personally consider as a luxury for your home space. 

Here are four great ideas for luxurious updates.

1. Create Your Bedroom Retreat 

If there is one room in your home you wish to be luxurious, the bedroom should be the first choice. It’s the place you go to rest, relax and lay your head at night, so every extra touch of luxury to add comfort is going to ensure you a great night’s sleep every time and have you feeling relaxed whenever you retreat to the room. 


To make your bedroom more luxurious, concentrate on your bed first. You can upgrade the size of your bed to a king (or even queen) or perhaps even go one step further and add drapes and hangings with a four-poster – whatever luxury means to you! You should also invest in high-quality sheets and the perfect mattress, as these will completely transform the comfort levels. 

You can then decorate your bedroom lavishly, whether it’s with furnishings, artwork, or luxurious wallpaper.

2. Add Value and Space With a Loft Conversion 

A loft conversion is a fantastic way to build an extra luxurious room from scratch, in precisely the way you like. Your loft conversion could see your room transformed into a tranquil haven, perfect for relaxing or escaping, and you could even have a balcony fitted with open windows so that you can enjoy a sunset or two with a bottle of champagne on ice. Whatever you use your loft conversion for, do it with class and invest more in luxury. 

If you need design help or inspiration, companies like Touchstone Lofts can help you.

3. Update Your Bathroom Sanctuary 

Like the bedroom, the bathroom is also a place you can go to relax – which means any steps towards luxury in the bathroom will be well received. Your primary focus here should be your bathtub, as you could upgrade to have a jacuzzi bath or an extra-large bath to add hints of luxury. You could also consider extra features like a waterfall shower and waterfall taps to add classy fixtures and fittings, and add luxury through your color choices and the metals you use. 


4. Have Your Own Indoor Spa 

What could be more luxurious than your own private spa at home? Perfect for relaxing alone, with loved ones, or even to host a house party, spa features in the home can add a touch of opulence at any time. Consider what you would want most from a spa, whether it’s a jacuzzi bath, essential oils and massage rooms, or a place to meditate and relax with a water feature or two. 

Depending on the size of your space and budget, you may even be able to fit your own private indoor pool, ideal for recreation and fitness without having to worry about being disturbed by others or weatherproofing like you would an outdoor pool. 


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