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The best way to leave a lasting impression with your office colleagues and superiors is a gesture of gratitude that thanks them for their hard work and/or mentorship. In the corporate world, gifts of gratitude should be luxurious and impressive. A luxury gift is an investment that helps cement a strong and long-lasting professional relationship with your colleague or superior. Here is a list of five luxurious gifts for your office workers:

Desk Clock

The old adage, “time is money,” is the quintessential philosophy of the corporate world. Give a gift that will support time keeping and management: a desk clock. Choose a clock that has a timeless look and can complement any office decor. An overly ornamental clock will distract, so make sure you choose something with simple lines and classic materials, like crystal, glass and wood. The Simon Pearce Ludlow Clock is crafted through the 16th-century technique of shaping molten glass in wood molds. Its walnut wood is sustainably sourced with a natural finish, which would appeal to anyone who is environmentally conscious. You could also go for a more modern look, with Baccarat’s Abysse Clock, which is made of Baccarat crystal and stainless steel and handcrafted in France.



An elegant fountain pen is the perfect statement accessory for when your office colleague wants to impress their clients. The pen is a status symbol of success and should be made of high-grade, luxury materials like gold, platinum, sterling silver or copper. Jacob Bromwell’s Admiral’s Copper Pen is a ballpoint writing instrument that is handcrafted with copper and brass accents.


The pen is ideal for individuals who value American artistry and appreciate a classic, somewhat rustic aesthetic. For the office worker who’s into the art deco look, the dunhill Sentryman Art Deco Rollerball pen would make the perfect gift. This Swiss-made pen is made of palladium-plated brass hardware and engraved with an art deco design. The rollerball is ideal for precise writing and has a screw-on cap with the vintage Alfred Dunhill logo.

Decorative Bowl

A traditional desk or side table office accessory is a decorative, crystal bowl. Choose a crystal bowl from a classic brand, like Waterford or Tiffany & Co., which will impress the giftee. Waterford’s Rock of Cashel 12-inch Bowl has a design that represents a group of medieval buildings in Ireland’s historic Golden Vale with a gothic-style. This style is perfect for anyone who has Irish heritage or is an aficionado of classic, European design. Tiffany & Co. has a rock-cut crystal bowl that can complement any office aesthetic with its natural, multi-faceted design.


Picture Frame

Your colleague likely has a photo or two of their family, displayed on their desk. With a luxury frame, you can show that you value their commitment to their family. Addison Ross creates an enamel frame with a hued inlay that will showcase a family photo. You can choose from a variety of colors, so you can match the frame with your colleagues office color scheme. The Cunill Empire Sterling Silver photo frame is made in Italy and accented with crisp moldings. The frame comes in three sizes: a small 4” x 6”, medium 5” x 7” and large 8”x 10”.

Work Mobile

Your office colleague is likely in constant communication, which means they need a high-quality smartphone to accommodate their job demands. Give them a smartphone that has the capabilities to suit all their business needs, beyond communication. The design of the phone should have lines that are beautiful and smooth. The Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is made of melded 3-D glass that curves to create a strong body and beautiful aesthetic. The phone should also have exemplary front-facing and rear-facing cameras, with low light capabilities, so your office worker can have crystal clear video calls with their clients and colleagues. The phone’s hardware should accommodate quick processing speeds, so your office worker can seamlessly launch apps and stream video.


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