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The price of city living and the lack of land within the city limits sees up to half of the population living in apartments, either as owners or tenants. For the many people who do live in an apartment, it’s hard to juggle space and luxury, particularly in living rooms and bedrooms: the traditional hearts of the home. Just because a bedroom is small, however, it doesn’t mean you must compromise on either style or comfort. Here are some tips to add a touch of luxe to any bedroom, no matter the size.

1- Get a great bed

It’s the most important – and for some, only – piece of furniture in your room, so get it right. Invest in a quality well-made modern bed that will last for years, and survive current fashion trends. Get the biggest bed possible for the space and use small side tables, as nothing says luxe more than a giant bed to lie in on lazy Sunday mornings. Choose a frame with a large headboard in a sharp white or black, and contrast the bed head with your comforter and cushions.

2- Ditch the table lamps

If you’ve followed the first step, then space will be at a premium! Maximize your bedside table space with hanging pendant lights instead of traditional table lamps. This will give clearer lines with no trailing wires. It’s also an opportunity to create some contrast in your room. Find geometric pendants in copper or brushed bronze to add a little ‘bling’ to your bedroom without going overboard.


3- Get clever with storage

There are countless smart storage solutions on the market that can utilize every square inch of space in your home. Extend built-in wardrobes if you can, or install more intuitive shelving that works for you. If you’re a handbag or shoe addict, then get special cubby holes built so you can show off your favorites, or if you have a weakness for party gowns, then increase your garment space. Avoid a chunky set of drawers if you can, and store as much as possible in closets. That way, when you close the door, it’s out of sight, making your room feel less cluttered and more open.

4- Use mirrors

Mirrors are a staple luxe feature – they make a room much lighter and increase your sense of space. Go beyond the traditional full-length or dressing-table mirror and install a large mirror on a wall that will reflect light from a nearby window. If you have sliding wardrobe doors, then cover them with mirrors to utilize your wall space.  Can’t find the right sized mirror? Line three full-length mirrors along one wall and you’ll have a similar effect.

Create a feature wall

Create dimension by painting or papering the wall your bed is pushed up against. Choose a bold, on-trend color that will make your bedroom pop, and hang a large print or piece of artwork in complementary shades. You can mix and match with cushions, bed linens and duvet covers to create either a clash of colors or a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, depending on your own personal sense of style.


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