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One of the most important experiences in anyone’s life is a honeymoon. A honeymoon signifies a lifetime ahead of you filled with joy, laughter, and everything else in between. These reasons are some of the main contributors to people being willing to spend whatever price necessary for an unforgettable experience.

Needless to say, a honeymoon should be perfect in every way. As far as how to create this experience, a safe honeymoon bet is to rent a villa. Luxury honeymoon villas around the world have created a booming industry that mostly benefits honeymooners and vacationers of every kind. Even better, they are always situated in the best environments to ensure an amazing experience. Even a cheaper villa will at least have qualities such as an oceanside view, outdoor amenities, and private pathways as well.

That said, picking the perfect villa for you will come down to a few important factors including price, villa type, and location. Speaking of location, let’s narrow down the choices of villas so that you have proven and safe bets to choose from for your honeymoon. With this in mind, here are seven of the best villas for an unforgettable honeymoon.

#1: Axel Rocks, St Barts

If you could only pick one location on earth to get a villa,St Barts luxury vacation rentals make the case as the go-to option. Specifically speaking, the Axel Rocks villa in St. Barts stands out with its infinity pool ocean view, stunning interior design, and comfortable furniture at virtually every turn.

#2: Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas


The Bahamas has also made a name for itself in regards to luxury villas with its location alone. Of these villas, the Over Yonder villa is unique in that it is situated on a private island. Despite its somewhat pricey costs, it offers everything from a golf course, a spa treatment, and even a superyacht to take advantage of.

#3: Gajah Putih Villa, Bali


One location that is not often talked about when discussing luxury villas is Bali. Most people associate it with a crowded and noisy environment. However, the Gajah Putih villas in Bali doesn’t have any of these annoying characteristics. Instead, it treats people with an ambient environment, beachfront view, and private gardens and landscapes.

#4: Leopolda Villa, France


As far as historic villas are concerned, the Leoolda villa in France offers the best combination of rich history and unforgettable honeymoon experience. With a history dating back to the early 1900s, you’d be surprised to find that it has additional residential homes, private walkways, and lush gardens a well.

#5: Villa Palazzate, Barbados


The fact that Barbados receives a good chunk of its revenue from tourists should be a sign of good villas and honeymoon experiences. Out of all the villas in Barbados, the Villa Palazzate is best known for its elegant structural design. Apart from that, it has over 70,000 square feet to enjoy, a balcony pool, and almost everything else you would want in a luxury villa.

#6: Montego Bay 40, Jamaica


Jamaica is yet another location with an extensive list of villas to choose from. That said, the Montego bay 40 villa is easily one of the most popular for a few obvious reasons. To name a few of its many amenities, this villa includes a lavish Caribbean design, plush outdoor resting areas, and even on-site staff.

#7: Villa Santorini 23, Greece

Last but not least, the villa Santorini 23 in Greece also makes the case as one of the best villas in the world. With everything from the clifftop oceanside view to the complete open-air terrace it has, this villa will definitely create memories that will last a lifetime.


Island Villas & Honeymooning

As we can see, any of these villas is sure to give you the honeymoon experience of your dreams. Even if selecting one of these villas might cost you a pretty penny, by all accounts, they are worth every penny. At the end of the day, choosing the villa that you want will leave you in a happier place.

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