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Emotional connection is an essential ingredient in every relationship. It comes with joy, more depth, and intimacy. When you are emotionally connected with your partner, you tend to be healthier and create a secure attachment. Contrary to what most people think, deepening your emotional connection with your partner is not a sign of weakness, immaturity, or co-dependence. It’s a crucial aspect of your adult working system. 

But people sometimes allow everyday activities like reading feeds on social media, office workloads, etc. to affect the emotional connection of their relationship. And if there’s no emotional intimacy in your relationship, you are likely to find your partner boring. If you have been wondering how you can deepen your emotional connection with your partner, these 7 tips will help you. 

#1. Spend More Quality Time together

Naturally, the more memorable time you spend with your partner, the more emotionally connected you will become. So, think of any activity that will genuinely create a deep bond between you and your soulmate. 

Going on a date night is awesome. But it may not create the kind of impact you expect if you make it seem like a regular date. For instance, taking your partner on a date night and discussing politics and other trending topics may not deepen any emotional connection. 

So, always spend time with your partner on activities that make you focused on each other. For example, you can take a scenic drive with your partner to get an ice-cream, cook together, etc. These activities will help you to hash out stressors and improve your emotional intimacy with your partner. 


#2. Always Be Curious 

Curiosity is one of the easiest ways to be more emotionally connected with your partner. It allows you to understand why your partner reacts differently to an issue. If you understand the reason behind all your partner’s actions, it will be easy for you to have an open-minded conversation because you can put yourself in their situation. This helps to build empathy. 

You may not know this, but building empathy helps you to be more emotionally connected with your partner. After all, if you don’t care, there’s no way you could have built empathy. 

#3. Improve Your Sex Life 

If your sex life with your partner is great, there will be a great emotional connection between both of you. This is because whenever you have great intercourse with your partner, oxytocin is released to your body. Oxytocin is a hormone that helps to improve your social functioning and helps create a bond, trust, and loyal. 

However, if your sex life is boring, you can reinvigorate your sex life with tantric sex. It’s the deeply meditative and intimate discovery of you and your partner’s body. Surprisingly, the end goal of tantric sex isn’t orgasm, but to have a mind-body connection with your partner. 

#4. Be Spontaneous 

Being spontaneous is an excellent way to be emotionally connected with your partner. Try to be more romantic and do things differently. You can help them in the kitchen, spend time with them while cooking, and even buy them their favourite gifts. Trust me, something as little as doing something your partner doesn’t expect can deepen the bond between you guys. 

#5. Focus More on Your Partner’s Nice Side

In the words of Mark Twain, “everybody is a moon that has a dark side.” In other words, we all have our flaws, and your partner isn’t exempted. Overlook some of these flaws and focus more on your partner’s nice side. If possible, sit with your partner and write out all these things you love so much about them. Read them out in a very romantic way to your soulmate. Moments like these help you to be more emotionally connected to your partner. 


#6. Develop Yourself 

How does developing yourself helps you to be more emotionally connected with your partner? It’s easy! When you and your partner always develop yourself to become better versions, you will build a stronger relationship and develop a deeper bond. 

#7. Communication 

Communication is the lifeblood of every relationship. If you want to have a deeper emotional connection with your partner, always communicate with your partner. Always be brave enough to discuss any issue that’s affecting your relationship. No matter how sensitive a topic is, if it affects your relationship, discuss it with your partner. And if you try to avoid sensitive issues in your relationship, it will destroy your emotional connection with your partner. 

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