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This month, Absolut Vodka launched its new Limited Edition called the ANDY WARHOL EDITION. This new version of the iconic Absolut Vodka bottle reflects the creation made by Andy Warhol. In 1986Absolut Warhol became the first artist commissioned to create a portrait of the Absolut Vodka bottle in what would become one of the most successful advertising campaigns of the twentieth century. Following the triumph of the ‘Absolut Warhol’ ads, the president of the company that owned Absolut, Michael Roux, encouraged Warhol to suggest other artists which could be used in the campaign. Over the years more than three hundred and fifty artists have been commissioned, including Keith Haring and Ed Ruscha – both suggested by Warhol. In 1988, alongside the famous names, Roux began selecting less well-known artists, viewing the commission as an opportunity to launch their career. Interestingly, although Warhol never usually drank alcohol, he did use Absolut as a perfume (


Andy Warhol, the inventor of the modern era?

Andy Warhol was one of the biggest creative minds  of the 20th century. With his work, art pushed the boundaries of art and started collaborations with fashion and many other brands. It was also a different look into things that our modern society would take as references. One of the fathers of Pop-Art, Andy Warhol was passionate by advertising and visual arts. He was inspired by Mass consumption, advertising and popular culture. Multi-disciplinary, Andy Warhol was a painter, a movie director and Magazine owner among other things.


He founded Interview magazine, wrote books, directed video clips and even had his own talk-show on MTV. Considered as one of the most influential personality of the 20th century, he passed away on February 22nd 1987 at the top of his glory. All art disciplines were not the same anymore after the storm called Warhol. He revolutionized the way contemporary artists would reflect their work within modern society and he opened the doors to creativity like no one else did in the past.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, his legacy

At his death, the Andy Warhol foundation for the Visual Arts was founded based on the last will of the artist. It was founded in the USA under the protection of the most important patrons for arts. Since its creation, the Foundation invested more than 250 million dollars to promote creation, exhibitions and proper archiving of art creations. With these actions, the foundation pursuits the amazing work of Andy Warhol around the world. You can read more about the foundation here:



Absolut Andy Warhol Edition, Pop Art “in” a bottle

Back in the 80’s, when Andy Warhol saw for the first time the iconic bottle of Absolut Vodka, he declared: “I love this bottle, I need to do something with it“. Since then, Absolut Vodka worked with several artists in the world to keep the iconic bottle as an interesting source of inspiration for artists, as it was the case for Warhol. With this new edition, part of the sales will be transferred to the Andy Warhol Foundation in order to support the valorization of Visual Arts. The Foundation congratulates Absolut Vodka to keep Andy Warhol’s legacy alive and to inspire so many artists.




Andy Warhol was inspired by the Absolut iconic bottle. He was fascinated by the purity of the lines. Andy Warhol saw in the Absolut bottle endless possibilities as the transparency and the design of the Absolut logo gave wings to creativity. That is why Warhol presented the Absolut vodka bottle to Keith Haring who then decided to create as well an advertising, one of the iconic ads for the brand.


The Andy Warhol Edition respects all the traditions of the Swedish brand. The back of the bottle is black which highlights Andy Warhol creation in the bottle’s front side. The characteristics Pop Art colors are present: blue, pink and yellow.


Absolute-vodka-productiom Absolute-vodka-production-Sweden



The new Absolut edition will be available in Switzerland from November 2014 and all over the world during a new international roll-out.  You can check the brand official website to learn more about this amazing new edition here:

Absolut successfully distilled the spirit of Warhol in this new creation that will please the eyes and the taste of all fans around the world. It is a must have!



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