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Have you been putting off an adventurous vacation because the idea of answering nature’s call in the middle of the woods doesn’t exactly appeal to you? Well, you don’t really have to worry about that anymore because, in this article, we have listed places that offer the best of both worlds. By “best of both worlds”, we mean you can experience an exhilarating adventure outdoor and come back to luxuries like delicious meals, classy wine, and massages at the end of the day. So without further ado, let’s take a look and find out more about the best adventure lodges that will provide you with exactly what you always wanted from a vacation; an adventure that doesn’t make you sacrifice luxuries.

The Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, Canada


This was once a fishing village in the 18th Century and now it has been transformed into a popular adventure destination for locals and international travellers. The all-suite inn even has three hot tubs on the roof, just in case you want to enjoy the beautiful view while sitting in a hot tub. Each of the 29 rooms is themed with Scandinavian art and furniture, complete with matching fireplaces and big individual tubs for extra comfort. Fresh seafood and vegetables cooked to local recipes by expert hands are the focus of the menu here. Activities and adventures in the area include the following.

  • 14 marked hiking trails to explore
  • 120 miles of the remote Fogo island and its rocky cliffs to discover
  • Snowshoeing and Nordic skiing
  • Cycling, Kayaking, fishing, and rowing
  • Watching the Aurora Borealis/The Northern Lights

Le Chardon Mountain Lodges in Val d’Isère, France


If you are looking for five-star services in the French Alps, Le Chardon’s luxury ski chalets are the best there are. They are famous in the area for providing personal and customized services to each of their guests, so expect every luxury you ever need to be there. Fine dining, excellent wine and swift service, coupled with friendly and courteous behaviour make the experience particularly special. However, let’s not forget the skiing adventures, and trust us when we say that there are plenty.

  • The famous La Face de Bellevarde Winter Olympic track
  • Some of the best skiing slopes in Europe
  • Husky Sleigh Rides
  • Ice Climbing
  • Parapente
  • Cross Country Skiing

Saffire Freychinet in Tasmania, Australia


The location of the Saffire Freychinet is just stunning to say the least and the deluxe services of the hotel make everything so much better. Each of the suites (there are only suites) are fitted with a stocked mini-bar that mainly consists of local wine and beer. The fine dining experience revolves around local seafood and special lamb preparations, but that’s only scratching the top of the expansive and delicious items on the menu here. Adventure options are plenty on the island and just like in every other Australian outdoor adventure, there is a hint of danger associated with them that makes it all just a tad bit more alluring.

  • Hiking (guided) in the national park that surrounds the hotel
  • Oyster digging
  • Canoeing (guided), kayaking and fishing
  • Kite flying
  • Mountain biking

Whether you like adventures or just the idea of going on one, you will not be disappointed either way as these places are truly the best of both worlds as mentioned before.


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