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There are companies that try to look luxury, most of them try to invent their own story, and there are companies that are true Luxury Houses. And it is the case with Christian Fischbacher. This Swiss luxury house was established in 1819 in St. Gallen, in the heart of Swiss textile region.

Last week, there was an interesting invitation to meet this amazing brand at Jelmoli Department store in Zürich. In deed, there was a celebration of the introduction of the Brand at the prestigious Department store. You can find Christian Fischbacher on the 3rd floor of the store, at the HOME department.


For this event, Mr Michael Fischbacher (CEO) and Ms Camilla Fischbacher (Art Director) were there and Ms Fischbacher presented the philosophy of the brand and the new collections.


What did we learn from her presentation? She started by talking about the Art of Sleeping. Definitely we got this trend from the Scandinavians whose traditions in terms of Bed and Bed accessories travelled through time and space for our own pleasure. See here a short extract of the presentation – In German –

In this sense, we can understand the importance of materials and especially the ones that will be in direct contact with people’s skin. Ms Fischbacher presented the different key elements from Feathers to wool. Only take the best.

Christian Fischbacher presentation at Jelmoli

Part of their success is based on one strong an striking sentence: “Swiss attention to details”. Since the 19th century Christian Fischbacher is a family success story. Five generations of Fischbacher have lead the company towards a longterm business all over the world. For nearly two centuries, CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER’s textiles and fine linens have been synonymous with Swiss quality and luxury.

Here a mood video about the importance of high qualitative materials:

The company’s philosophy can be summarised in five words: Elegance, Luxury, Quality, Comfort and Innovation. Christian Fischbacher’s designers are amongst the most innovative in the industry. Our creative teams consist of expert textile designers with deep professional experience in fashion, weaving and print. Our artists visit trade fairs and seminars around the globe to keep current with the latest international trends and developments. It is thanks to their skills and efforts that Christian Fischbacher fabrics regularly appear in notable trend-books and win prestigious textile awards, such as the Materialica Design and Technology Award.

See here Christian Fischbacher brand movie:

To introduce the new collection Bed Autumn 2012, Ms Camilla Fischbacher introduced the idea of Cocooning as a true philosophy of sleeping. Different themes were presented among them:

  • Urban nomad
  • Dreams of Yesterday
  • In the Zoo
  • Alp Lines
  • Modern Solids and Graphics

She also revealed a special theme exclusive for Jelmoli around a mainstream decoration of natural flowers, very pretty and fresh.


After the presentation, I got the chance to ask some questions directly to Ms Fischbacher and here are her answers.

LA: Where do you get your inspiration to create new designs?
CF: Inspirations come mainly from my travels as I travel a lot during the year. We also attend to trend cabinets’ presentations like Li Edeelkort.

LA: Do you have a team of internal Designers?
CF: Yes, we have a strong team who generates most of the designs. Sometimes we come accross a good external design and we are able to buy it and use it. Most of our designs are made in house.

LA: How many collections or themes do you create every year?
CF: There are mainly 2 themes per year. They do not follow specifically trends or seasons. They are themes that we like and that make sense to our work.

LA: Is there a theme that you always work on, that often comes back?
CF: Well, the Urban theme is always a great inspiration for designs and also the inspired by nature also as part of the classics. Of course we always find a new twist and we bring a lot of modernity.

After my conversation, I was lucky to be able to choose my preferred fabric and I will have the honor to receive my first customized Christian Fischbacher Linge du lit. I chose the Pied de Poule beige, so chic. I cannot wait to receive it!


Discover here a mood video about my preferred models gathered in a Must-have list:

Do not hesitate to connect to the official Brand’s website:


Please also note there is an iPhone App is available in which you can discover the collections and also keep in contact with the brand news.
Christian Fischbacher iphone app menu

Please feel free to discover this amazing Swiss Brand in which Quality, innovation and comfort are simply what they do at its best.


Info sourced at Christian Fischbacher presentation at Jelmoli Zürich. All images are copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.