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Switzerland will always surprise you with the outstanding quality of their companies and know-how. A while ago we spoke about CHRISTIAN FISCHBACHER textiles and fine linens. They are probably one of the best companies in all Switzerland to provide you with high quality of home and bed fabrics since 1819.  For next fall-winter season, the St. Gallen luxury house presents a very elegant and original collection. 3 main themes which structures the new bed collection. Once again, Christian Fischbacher explored the endless universe of graphic design, color and illustration. Under the Artistic Direction of Camilla Fischbacher, this new collection would almost make you wish Summer should be over!


This theme gathers an interesting contrast of rich and extravagant floral prints with modern essentiality. Shades of Gold, Silver and cream shine in new soft tonalities. Nature expresses itself with colors, from discrete to intense and luxurious.






Folded paper in various structures, graphical designs and elements of the architecture were the inspiration sources for the trend PAPER WORK. Delicate gradients in beige and gray with accents in pastel give a creative mix of poetry and casual urbanity. In combination with the Uni-designs of SATIN SELECTION PREMIUM SATIN SATIN and UNI themselves offer versatility in modern and classical interior. Here below some of the collection variants. Other existing references are available as well.






Unique color games, the magic of light and shadow, floral prints as floral artwork. RAY OF LIGHT domestic flower designs as poetic watercolor and photographic interpretation. The coloring of PREMIUM SATIN SATIN UNI and achieve a discreet quiet or exciting-pulsating mood depending on color choice.




Christian Fischbacher brings a very contemporary vision of home fabrics. While many others would keep things as they are, every new collection of the St Gallen company is a new discovery. They also launched their new collection of Pillow cases called PILLOW TALK. This is what the brand says about the new collection: “Who is not familiar with the amusing comedy with Doris Day and Rock Hudson that share a phone line in the New York of the 1950s? Charming pillow talk is omnipresent. The designs of the line PILLOW TALK are made ​​from our cotton qualities “Easy Satin” and “Jacquard Tumbled”. All designs are available in natural color and in gray and blue and can be perfectly combined with each other. TOY BOY, PERFECT LOVER and WHISPER are used on both sides. The quality of “Tumbled Jacquard” by BET WEEN THE SHEETS and GOODNIGHT KISS, iron and transforms any bed into a cozy retreat.”


Several themes are proposed: Toy Boy, Perfect Lover, Whisper, Between the sheets and Goodnight kiss. Each theme has its own universe. Here some of the highlights of this very sensual and classy collection under the name “Pillow Talk”.



TOY BOY – Classic with bright details

A classic pinstripe suit provided the inspiration for Reversible duvet TOY BOY. Our quality “Easy Satin” can be used on both sides and presents the one hand, bright shiny or matt dark. Just as it pleases one. Choose from seven natural colors such. B. Fresh Milk (ecru), Oatmeal (beige), Coffee to Go (brown) or Winter Fog (dark gray). Color stitching and button holes act as surprising accents and give the classically inspired design its sporty character.



Whisper – discretion and cosy elegance

Without stripes and checks is the reversible bed linen in our “Easy Satin” quality to WHISPER. The restrained discrete Uni confident in all seven natural colors such. B. Fresh Milk (ecru), Oatmeal (beige), Coffee to Go (brown) or Winter Fog (dark gray). The contrasting topstitching and buttonholes are a sporty design language. WHISPER is also available as a fitted sheet in Fresh Milk (ecru) and is suitable for all styles of line PILLOW TALK.


Between the sheets – Jacquard is a must

The design of the casual structured Unis BETWEEN THE SHEETS reminiscent of a patinated surface. The quality of “Tumbled Jacquard” is yarn dyed and washed by the equipment receives the cotton its distinctive look, which is the hallmark of this young line. BET WEEN THE SHEETS color is in Oatmeal (beige) and Sky Blue (light blue) available. Playground fun is inevitable: All designs the line PILLOW TALK are combinable.


One season again, Christian Fischbacher amazes us with an incredible blend of elegance, sensuality and comfort. Every detail is as important as the major elements of this amazing Autumn-Winter collection. If you wish to read more about Christian Fischbacher and the new incoming collection, you can visit the official website:

When Winter is calling, a good dressed bed is the best thing you can dream of.



Info sourced at Christian Fischbacher official communication release. All images from Christian Fischbacher. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.