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Clé Privée

Clé Privée, “Private key in french”,  is an unique travel and discovery experience. It is the key to a collection of rare travel and art experiences, all beyond standards. It is one of the most original gifts you may find and it is a brilliant service for people seeking a high standard lifestyle.

Cle privée

The principle is both simple and very exciting. You buy or you offer a key that gives access to specific places and experiences. You get a real qualitative key at home by post. The key has an unique number and thought it is personal. The team of Clé Privée has traveled the world in search of both well-known and hidden artisans whose works go beyond your imagination.

clé privée Escape Key

You can connect to the company’s website: and thanks to the code you find in your key, you can have the access to a edgy selection of places, restaurants and delightful experiences. Up to today, the website has more than 1’800 hotel rooms worldwide, so a important choice. And this number is growing every day.

clé privée Escape key code

cle privee the keys

3 main keys are available today:

With this key you can discover a higher standard of travel. An unparalleled selection of hand picked rooms at hidden addresses around the world. You may choose from different options depending on the amount of traveling you think you will do in a year. With an amazing choice of places and destinations you can also benefit from certain services like Local delicacies, Health and Wellness upon arrival or cultural visits to museums, concerts etc…

Sometimes a gift can be marked in people’s memory for years and here you have the special possibility to make a unforgettable gift. By offering  this key to someone, you make the person to enter a new world of experiences. It provides access to a series of stays in very exceptional rooms. These keys are available in limited series organized by theme and destination. The Escape key is available on the following limited series, organized by theme and destination. The names are already evoking magnificient experiences. Hidden Gems, Ancient Rooms, Rooms with a view, Modern rooms in Italy, Romantic rooms in France or Greek islands.

Thanks to this key, you can offer to your friends, family or customers the unique possibility to choose among unexpected photographs, from which the recipient may select his or her favorite. All style are included, from vintage photos to modern works from rising talents. Here again different themes like Natural Wonders, Imaginary travel, Perspectives or People.

The website also has a Travel blog in which you can discover many things that fill in the travel ultimate lifestyle. You can find all the articles in the official blog url: 

So the access to the special content just happens after unlocking this virtual door .

Cle Privée website

Do you wish to impress family, friends or business relationships, or simply please yourself, then  you have here the perfect gift. Here are some of the Hotels rooms proposed. In order to keep the exclusivity of these offers you cannot find here the name of the hotels… For every room, there is a booking code and a Concierge service to help you do the arrangements. Very service oriented and also very helpful.




When we ask to Clé Privée about the type of customers they have, here is what they say:

Our customers range from students to world renowned figures. What they all have in common is an appreciation for beauty and for artisan products. We hand select each room and work of art we feature after visits to each hotel and conversations with each artist. Our clients are assured that with our service, they will have access to rooms unique in their decor, design, and view, as well as exceptional works of art created by artists lauded by international juries. We strive to make these discoveries available at every price point.”

So do not hesitate to connect to the company website and enjoy a different lifestyle. 




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