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Everyone has different ideas and expectations when it comes to Christmas. While some see it as a magical time of the year, for others it may be about bonding with family. Another thing that Christmas can be is luxury if you want it to be. There are many activities you can do in this respect whether it be fine dining or indulging in high-end self-care. It’s also possible that you do so without having to put a dent in your pockets if you plan ahead and think about it. See how you can create a luxury Christmas break below.

Go to a Warm Destination


While some people are inclined to stay in their city during Christmas holidays, others are open to traveling out. For those who are amongst the latter, think about going somewhere with sunshine during the Christmas break. A nice destination to consider is Orlando, Florida. It’s a perfect destination if you want both fun and luxury simultaneously. You could decide to stay in a five-star hotel and spend a day at Disney World so that the kids can burn all of their energy. Alternatively, try going to Oman if you want luxury and culture. Some things to do there include going to the opera house as well as visiting beaches and exploring museums. It may be relatively expensive to travel in December as it’s peak period, so look for deals and book as early as you can.

Take a Trip to the Theater

If you haven’t been to the theater in a while, Christmas is a great time to go. It’s an opportunity to pull out one of your most classic numbers and spend a night on the town. The good thing about theaters is that they’re perfect for both a date night and a family night out. There are so many different shows to choose from that fall into various genres which means that there’s something for everyone. Some shows that you could decide to watch are Snow White or Aladdin if you’re going with kids or the Phantom of the Opera if you’re going alone.  It’s advisable that you do a search online for shows in December 2018 and book as far in advance as possible if you don’t want any disappointments.

Got to the Spa


Who says you can’t dedicate Christmas to relaxation? Why not go to the spa before, on or after Christmas day just to get your body in tip-top shape and get the Christmas glow that you need. A spa and health treatment that is said to work is spending time in the sauna as it’s apparently good for relaxation. Other benefits of the sauna are increased circulation as well as reduced muscle soreness and joint pain. You should also opt in for a massage if you want to give yourself some TLC in addition to masks that will nourish your skin.

Christmas is what you make it, so try and do things that make it count this time around. Luxury is something that’s difficult to forget, so without losing sentiment, see how you can have the most luxury Christmas yet.


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