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Switzerland has cupcakes! Discover this family owned business called Cups n’ Cakes. In Lausanne this “sex and the city style” boutique will guide you into a journey of amazing delicacies. The concept behind is a completely homemade baked goods. Cups n’ Cakes is a small family business. Mother and daughter joint forces to highlight and bring a certain modernity to their grandmother’s book of recipes.


Summer 2012, 25 years old Vanessa Cabral invested herself in this family business, supported by her sister Samantha and her mother Tamara. With her diploma from l’Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne, she has everything ahead to create a delightful place for food lovers. Every day in the morning the baked creations arrive from their home kitchen in Mezières. From 3 to 5 different icing each day will develop wonders in your eyes and mouth. Vanessa Cabral has a heart preference for the small size. From mini cupcakes to mignardises, you can find different tastes each day. There is no plan for the flavors. They create them depending on their inspiration of the moment, seasons, events or simply pure creativity.


Saturdays you can enjoy their “special editions”, some of them get introduced afterwards in the regular catalog. It is their laboratory of flavors. After Figs and Blueberries, you might find Apple-Cinnamon, lemon meringue or Banana-Caramel. There is no limit to imagination when you are talented.

They have a website in which you can browse the catalog and even buy online. 2 possibilities: either you can place your order online and pick it up at the store, or you can buy online and get a delivery, under certain conditions of course.



The cupcake trend started already a couple of year a go and it is getting stronger and stronger. Creativity is the word and thanks to internet, people can find millions of recipes and inspirations. Everyone has one own recipe for the base and the toppings are the magical part.



And trust me, cupcakes are not that new. The first mention to cupcakes occurred in 1796 in American Cookery by Amelia Simmons. There was one annotation about small cakes baked in a cup. The name cupcake was not written and invented but the basic recipe was by then invented.


Almost a century later, in 1828, the term “Cupcake” was used for the first time in another book. “Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes and Sweetmeats” by Eliza Leslie.



Cupcakes became very trendy. Why? Probably because the nostalgia trend is something very powerful and that somehow lost child memories are something we all want to retrieve. As the British also call them Fairy cakes, there is definitely a hint of “fairy tales” on it. We think easily on Alice in wonderland tea time. Recently series like Sex in the City until 2004 and Lazy Sunday in 2005, brought cupcakes back to trend and especially a new yorker bakery called The Magnolia Bakery. This bakery is well known for its amazing cupcakes and old-fashioned icebox cakes.

So you do not need to go to New York if you are in Lausanne or somewhere nearby. Cups n’ Cakes make amazing creations for all ages and all tastes. All Swiss made with the best qualitative ingredients.  Visit the official website for more information:

Cups n’ Cakes
Avenue du Tribunal Fédéral 2
1006 Lausanne
From Tuesday to Friday 12 am to 7 pm
Tel: +41 79 702 79 18

This is definitely a “Do-Me-good” store and you need to taste one of their delicacies if it is not already the case.


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