Dita von Teese for Perrier, sexy and refreshing?

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Dita Von Teese and PerrierThe worldwide french beverage Perrier will launch in June 2010 a new campaign with Dita Von Teese, the sulfurous ex-Mrs Marilyn Manson and sexiest pin-up alive… This collaboration represents the customization of the legendary green bottles and cans with creative sexy pictures of Dita. Black and white with a hint of RED on her lips… A brillant move for Perrier that will be able to communicate on a worldwide reference, to attract people during this summer. The collection will be called Paparazzi.

A special website will be available soon and dedicated to the operation : http://www.perrierbydita.com. For the moment if you try it in your browser, you will be redirected to the Nestle page. A little patience…

Dita Von Teese and PerrierDita Von Teese and Perrier

Perrier is not at its “first shot”. Check this out. Here is an old advertising from the 70’s and as you can see here, Perrier likes when the “ambiance” becomes hot… perhaps because then we need a cool refreshing drink…