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Eres is a beautiful swimwear and lingerie house. Created initially by the imagination and the will of a woman, the French luxury house Eres represents a must in terms of body-wear. Each season, Eres reveals amazing creations, always finding the right balance between glamour and comfort, style and structure. A beautiful brand that reveals women’s inner beauty.

Eres, a matter of elegance with quality, unique design and outstanding colors

When Irène Leroux launched Eres in 1968 at Place de la Madeleine in Paris, her aim was to create an unique and original swimwear brand based on elegance and timeless style. She took over her parents business about swimsuits. At that time her parents would sell swimsuits only in the summer season and Irène Leroux had this crazy idea, for that time, to sell them all year long. She simplifies all the models, restructure them and start proposing amazing designs and colors. In a great success story Eres crossed decades of creation and always trying both innovation and loyalty to the brand DNA. In 1996, Irène Leroux sells the company to Chanel and associates her business to the jewel of French luxury and fashion. She keeps her role as Artistic Director of Eres. With the support of Chanel, Irène Leroux decides to extend the brand territory by launching in 1998 its first line of Lingerie. Capitalizing on Eres know-how in the swimsuit industry, we can see from the first collections to today a clear vision of femininity. The fluid lines follow the body silhouette. Women feel comfortable and sexy with a natural and authentic style. Materials, structures and decoration are studied carefully season after season in order to build a solid and evolutive business.

Eres 2015 Spring-Summer Collection, beautiful and inspired

17 years after the first lingerie collection, Eres pursuits the line of its founder. This year the Spring-Summer collection is an amazing one. The spirit of the collection is inspired by muses, illustrious women and royal mistresses such as Juliette Récamier, Madame du Barry, Joséphine de Beauharnais and Madame de Pompadour. All powerful women and all loved by men that were ready to commit the craziest acts for love and passion. This inspiration signs a very determined collection in which Estampe lace fades into the skin as if it was lightly sketched across its surface.


The ethereal Coton Amourette is trimmed with Chantilly lace, French embroidery is scalloped with Volupté while Satin Duchesse is decorated with a crown of flowers. Salomé lace is enhanced with satin effects and a scattering of geometric shapes. The fabrics, which are inspired by portraits of these heroines, are sparkling, light, refined and feminine. Here is a image gallery with the highlights of the new collection .

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As you can see, Eres is a magical story about femininity, glamour yet with a natural sensuality, comfort and allure. You can check the brand website to get more information about the amazing and unique universe of Eres here:

When French glamour meets elegance, femininity and passion for details, only the very best can be accomplished.


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