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Luxury homes are showcased in magazines, featured in tv specials, and coveted by most around the world. They are the best, the biggest, and the epitome of human design and elegance. The lie here, however, is that they are only for the elite. You can transform any property into a luxury home by simply focusing on the key characteristics that traditional luxury homes share. Make these four changes, and you can enjoy a truly luxurious home whether you own a detached property or a small apartment:

Soundproof Your Home

When you think about the most luxurious homes in the world, one of the common characteristics that they share is solitude. Even the multi-million homes in the downtown heart of cities are penthouses, minimizing neighbor interaction and giving their owners some of the best views over the city. To mimic this trait in your own home you will need to emphasize soundproofing improvements. If you have single-pane windows you could benefit from visiting and replacing them with beautiful double-pane windows in their stead. The better quality your window, the more natural light you can bring in while also making your home quiet and tranquil.

Focus on the Flow and Function

It is a mistake to assume that luxury is entirely in aesthetic. While yes it can be nice to be surrounded by beautiful things, it is also great to have a home that perfectly caters to all of your needs. By improving the flow and function of your home, you can greatly improve how you live within it. Perhaps the kitchen is closed off, or you want to open up a wall – by making these key renovations you can improve the very structure of the home.


It’s All in the Details

The structure and structural design of your home will impact how you live in the space, but design elements like changing the doorknobs or lighting fixtures to something more elegant and you can really help you feel like you are living in a luxurious property. A good tip to get great pieces for a budgets to head to antique sales. Not only is a fun treasure hunt, but items made even fifty years ago were to a higher standard than they are today, meaning you can often get a great deal on a truly luxurious piece.

Choose Timeless Over Trendy

When you do choose new items, always be critical of why it appeals to you. Tastes, after all, can be influenced by evolving trends. The last thing you want is to spend good hard money on a fad that you end up hating a few years later. By focusing instead on timeless pieces and design elements, you can better invest in items you will love for decades.

The only true limitation is your own imagination. Yes, some of these renovations can be costly, but by planning in advance and saving up for them you can not only work toward the improvement, you can make it work with your budget. Patience will pay off, just don’t give up on your dream for a luxury home.


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