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The Gal Yam (translation Sea Wave) luxury apartments in the elegant, sea-side suburb of Herzliya Pituach have been designed to offer the highest standards of accommodation to the most discerning of individuals.

galyam real estate Israel

The complex contains 35 stunning apartments of varying design and outlay contained within a wave like edifice located across the road from the magnificent Hasharon Beach. The clear, warm Mediterranean waters and the powdery, white sand are the perfect antidote to the pressures of everyday life. Stroll to the beach and indulge in a walk along the foreshore or a swim whilst soaking in the rays and letting the lure of the sea work its magic. The café on the sand is the perfect place to take in the scene and do some people watching.

galyam real estate luxury israel

galyam real estate luxury israel beach

galyam real estate luxury israel beach view

The market for Israel luxury apartments has been incredibly strong due to a lack of supply, a dearth of available locations, as well as all the attributes that Israel has to offer, not the least of which being its long, hot summers and temperate winters.

Gal Yam apartments tick all the boxes for those seeking the better things in life. The central location of Herzliya Pituach and the prime site of the apartments themselves, proximity to world class beaches, closeness to excellent shopping facilities, a vast array of fine restaurants and cafes, and an ambience that attracts a cosmopolitan crowd from the four corners of the globe.

Even among luxury apartments, not all are created equal. Above and beyond the benefits that unsurpassed location can confer, it is the uncompromising attention to detail and ability to imbue residents with a feeling of privacy even though they are in a shared building that really sets Gal Yam apart.

Gal Yam apartments  – for those who demand the best.

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