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Since 1905, the Geneva International motor show takes place every 2 years alternatively with the Paris motor show. This year it is in Geneva from the 6th to the 16th of March. 10 days of excitement and technological discovery. Every time the Geneva edition reveals great innovations from the Constructors and for the 3rd time, Geneva will reveal the “Automobile of the year 2014.

Car of the year

The 2014 Motor show is the 84th edition and as an established tradition, the official poster of the show was not done by a creative Communication agency but by a student from HEAD Geneva, the Art and Design School. The artwork is supposed to give you wings to your imagination, so that you can find your self in front of it and discover each detail like a journey.

Geneva International motor show

This artistic approach is true to the Swiss motor show DNA which tries to inspire and to show amazing things. It is definitely an appointment you do not want to miss. For the record, here is the poster of 1924, precisely 90 years ago. It shows already the spirit of the show:

Geneva Auto Show

What should we expect this year?

This year visitors will be able to discover an amazing exhibition about 24H Le Mans during the Auto Show. 3 partners worked together to gather this amazing 20 legendary cars: the Organisation institution of 24h LeMans, ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest and Rolex, the official chronometer of the race.

24h du mans

24H Le Mans
1800m2 of exhibition in which we will be able to rediscovery some of the legends that wrote the race history. From the amazing Chenard&Walcker who won the first edition in 1923 to the astonishing Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro Hybride, who won last year, it will be a passionate journey for all automobile fans.

Chenard&Walcker 1923

Audi R18 E-Tron Hybride
We will be able to see also the Bentley Speed Six, the Ferrari 166MM, Jaguar (D and XJR9), Ford GT40, Matra 670, Porsche (917, 956 and GT1) and Peugeot (905 + 908).

In terms of new cars, definitely all brands will present their new jewels. Here are some of the expected highlights from this year.

BMW, X is a capital letter

BMW will present a revamped version of the X3. The design is completely reviewed to give an impression of a small X5. In the past years the X3 lost a lot of its clients as the design stayed a little static. While Audi pushed successfully the Q5 and last year the Q3, it was time for BMW to review the exercise on the X3.
Moreover on the X-drive range, finally the X4 will be presented for the first time in Europe. Previously introduced in the USA during the Detroit Motor show, now it is finally the time for Europe to welcome this powerful SUV.
Also, BMW will present the new Serie 4 Gran Coupé. Based on the serie 6 previously project, the Gran Coupé will seduce customers from Italian brands.

BMW Serie 4 Gran Coupe

Ferrari, West coast has a new motion

For Ferrari things are pretty much stable. After last year launch of the Supercar LaFerrari, this year is a much more subtle year for the Italian constructor. They are reviewing the California that nows become California T. After the launch of the first edition hosting a 4.8 V8 atmospheric, the new version will have an interesting V8 3.8 with 560hp.

Audi, playing strategy

This year Audi plays the chessboard by placing 2 interesting pieces.
Firstly the S1. After the success of the A1 and specifically the return of the GTI at Peugeot 207, it was time for Audi to play it right in this aspirational market of the small urban.
In order to block the development of the recent Mercedes AMG A45, a Audi RS3 will be presented in Geneva. 2.0 360hp.

Lamborghini, faster, harder, further

Lamborghini is launching this year the Huracan. It is supposed to replace the small Gallardo. New look, with a new structure in aluminium and carbon. The V10 5.2L deploys 610hp. A monster that will run the 0-100km/h in only 3.2 s.

Lamborghini Huracan

Porsche, always Porsche

We cannot visit a motor show without looking into what Porsche has to present. 2014 will be a great year for the German brand as it is the return to 24h du Mans. Porsche prepares a super prototype that will be trouble to the hegemony of Audi and Toyota in the mythical race. Back to the Geneva motor show. This important year, Porsche will present the Porsche Macan. Smaller than the Cayenne, it will compete with all X3, Q5 and other SUVs. But it will be by far the most powerful one with its 400hp. Porsche will also present the new Porsche Boxter GTS and Cayman GTS and the new 911 Biturbo GT2. Between 500 and 600hp!

Porsche Macan

Porsche 911 GT2
Of course we could keep going as this year there are a lot of amazing new launches from all the brands. To know more about the Geneva
motor show, please connect to the website:
When big guns are out, the wise stay at home. So… Do not be wise!

Sébastien Eich

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