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If you know anything about style, you’ll be aware of the importance of accessories when it comes to completing an outfit. Choose correctly and you’ll be adding the perfect finishing touches to your look. Leave them out and no matter how chic your wardrobe, you’ll fail to shine as brightly as you should. Jewelry is one of your key accessories, and it can really make or break your outfit, so attention to detail and careful consideration are needed to make sure you select the right piece that will enhance your look for you.


One of the focal points of your outfit will be what you choose to wear around your neck. Plunging necklines and a hint of cleavage invite the addition of pendants and showier pieces, designed to draw attention to the area. To work well, the length of the chain is of paramount importance. The necklace must lie flat against your skin, not disappear under your dress or hang half in and half out of your neckline – this doesn’t have a lot of elegance!



Your choice of earrings will be determined by the length and style of your hair, and how it covers your ears. Wearing your long hair up will show off your earrings, but having it down means they will be largely concealed. Earrings send a clear message about your personality, but you can always mix it up by wearing flamboyant designs with a plain outfit for example.

Diamond studs are a classic look that goes with most clothing choices, adding a touch of sparkle to plain and casual outfits without being too bling. A pair of titanium earring studs adds class to any outfit, and will always look stylish whether you are dressed in jeans and T-shirt or glammed up in a sparkly black dress for an evening out. Local craftspeople are a great source for more unusual designs, but avoid anything cheap, as it could cause an allergic reaction, as well as not being complementary to your outfit.


Rings and other things

If you wear wedding, engagement, and/or eternity rings, avoid wearing anything else on your left hand. They are a focal point in themselves and wearing anything next to them will detract from their beauty and not add to the style of your outfit. If you aren’t wearing wedding rings, or you like wearing rings on your right hand, choosing the right design can draw attention to perfectly manicured nails.

In simple terms, wearing bold, eye-catching pieces will enhance understated clothes, bringing them to life and turning plain into elegant. If you’re wearing clothes that speak for themselves, the addition of high quality, modest pieces will complement your look best. Choosing designs that are relevant to your circumstances will add that special touch to your look, for example wearing a leaf design in the fall, or a literary design like an open book or a quill to an evening at the theatre. If you add the right jewelry to your outfit, it will complete it and make the clothes look even better – and if you don’t have the right piece to hand, it’s a great excuse to go shopping!


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