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The clothes you wear tell more about your identity, behavior, and relationships. Fashion changes consistently and defines society in different new styles and trends. It promotes changes in society while respecting the customs and traditions of communities. It either modifies or amends them to make them relevant to everyone. As an individual, your dress is a reflection of yourself. It makes a statement about you even when you are silent. Your choice of apparel should match your personality, mood, and style. It should portray your character and express your beliefs and your uniqueness. 

How modern fashion trends change

Fashion goes through a lifecycle but its length is determined by many things. Some designs diminish in a much shorter time while others take longer. Through modern technology, designers can predict upcoming trends. They can tell how each will change and the impact it will have on people. 

However, today’s trends are less predictable and shorter. It requires designers to improve on creativity and stay ahead of each trend. Before one design picks, they should already be thinking about the next one. They need to learn from examples both from the past and present. Self-reflection allows us to progress from experience into understanding. It moves you to a higher level of awareness and consciousness regarding something. In fashion, self-reflection helps you to adapt your unique style and brand yourself. When you are writing about this topic, the position you take matters a lot. As students who have to present their points strongly, follow this reflective essay example to understand the types of arguments you can build. Your main purpose should be to narrate your experience with fashion. Tell about how it has changed and its impact. The free examples are useful when building your points for essays. 

A research paper or essays has phases such as introduction, body, and conclusion. These are phases a student cannot ignore if they want their essays to be unique. In the same way, a fashion lifecycle goes through five phases. 

  • Introduction. This is the phase where a designer develops clothes designs and starts to create awareness. They target a specific audience and sell the design to them. 
  • Rise. In this phase, society embraces fashion and begins to use it. The early users create curiosity in others who take an interest in the design. They begin to order and the trend continues to spread. 
  • Peak. At peak, the trend is widely known and is the talk of the day across different channels. It becomes the clothes everyone wants to wear for self-reflection. 
  • Decline. Users get used to the clothes and it becomes too common. Pioneer users begin to look for alternatives that will make their self-reflection unique. Designers at this phase are already researching and brainstorming on a new trend. 
  • Obsolescence. At this phase, nearly no one is buying the design. They have already moved to the next one. It is shelved but could rise again in the future. 
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How modern fashion trends affect your personal taste and style

Whatever clothes you love to wear define your own style, interest, and personality. You can also influence other people to adopt your style. It goes beyond wearing new clothes and into your identity. When a new trend comes, how fast you embrace depends on your fashion goals. 

Building self-confidence in yourself

What looks good in others might not look in you. Your dressing should make you feel comfortable. It magnifies your beauty and increases your self-confidence. You will be bold to stand before people and express yourself without fear. 

A reflection on social changes

Apart from individual personality, fashion also reflects changes in society. Social changes feature current behavior patterns and values in the culture. It can be influenced by political changes, entertainment, or major events. Mainly, what you see in fashion shows and design collections reflects the real issues in society. 

For instance, major movements in the 20th century focused on women’s freedom. They wanted to get employed, be educated, and be free to choose what to wear. In the designer’s stores, dresses became shorter and shorter. The designs were a direct reflection of what was happening in society.  

Giving attention to the females

Until the end of the 18th century, men dictated what women would dress on. Feminism emerged with the rise of the Suffragettes in the late 18th century. The woman at the time joined the school, became employed, and free. The traditional styles could no longer fit her. 

Today, every fashion trend reflects her indent and freedom. The modern woman has progressed and fashion designers are giving attention to her. Modern trends reflect gender equality and freedom of choice. They signify the right for the wearer to reflect and express themselves through dressing. 

Expressing individuality through fashion

Dressing is an important form of self-expression. Individuality in fashion allows the wearer to set themselves apart. It allows them to stand out in the crowd and still feel secure and comfortable. They make a statement about themselves without other people judging them. Individuality and fashion are intertwined. 

It helps individuals to explore different personalities. It provides them with a chance to change or experiment with new designs. Individuals will like a style they consider trendy and use it to send a message about themselves.  To express yourself through fashion, understand these points.

  • Choose a trend or dressing that resonates with you
  • Avoid focusing on quantity and instead focus on quality
  • Choose clothing that builds confidence in your
  • Allow other people to inspire you in their dressing
  • Do not fear experimenting and accessorizing
  • Do not limit yourself to the context of your society. Instead, think beyond the box. 


People fear expressing themselves through fashion due to fear of being judged. The first step when choosing a style is to consider yourself and then society. Experiment with several styles to see how you look in them. Allow creativity and think outside of the box. Draw inspiration from friends and society. Fashion goes beyond current trends into daily self-expression and reflection on your identity. 

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