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The vase is something that holds paramount significance in our lives. When it comes to sprucing up interiors of the house, it is the first thing that comes to our mind. It has the power to add simplicity and elegance to the look of your home decor without any hassle. Whether you opt for floor or flower vases; it can help you to fill up those empty corners of your living room. You know how important are vases in your lives. But the question is that do ever show concern for its hygiene?


People often surf for the best ceramic vase designs and look forward to buying it. There’s nothing wrong in it; you acquire better idea before purchasing it. But, why not to obtain knowledge for cleaning it? Think of it before it’s too late. Vases are meant to add grace to the home decor and not to spread illness in your house. Sometimes, the stains on it can be highly responsible for your children falling sick now and then. Therefore, it becomes imperative to remove all spots from it and maintain hygiene. Besides, any stain on it would hamper the look of your piece of art evidently. Here are some tips for getting rid of spots on vases and preserve hygiene of it.

How to clean dirt?

A vase is exposed to air all the time. So, it is evident to pile up dirt on it as the breeze carries pollution and germs get stuck with the help of humidity. This way not only does it gets unhygienic but also hampers the beauty of the vase. If you don’t take certain steps to discard it, then there are high chances to collect grime on it. For this purpose, you just need to take hot water in a vessel or container that is so huge to soak your vase in it. Let it be in the same condition for about 24 hours. Past a day, dry it with the help of cloth to ensure getting rid of grime on it. Even after going through this procedure, the stains on it is too greasy to remove it from the surface, then add a cup of ammonia to the gallon of water. It would help you to achieve smooth and clean vase without any hitch.

How to remove silver or pencil marks?

After some time of purchasing metal vase, it is apparent to get marks on it whether or not you have children in your family. If it is silver marks that troubles you, then using metal polish on it for rubbing it with the help of cloth would work wonders to fulfill your purpose. Just be gentle with this process and lay your vase on the table to proceed with eliminating marks from it. If you find it difficult to get polish and feel it as the tedious task, then you have an option to relish perks of having an alternative trick. Just head to the spot along with a sponge soaked in warm water and rub against the mark.

Even after these techniques, you find it too lazy for getting up and cleaning it; you can get a ceramic vase that won’t get silver spots on it. For better references, browse through A single spot of dirt or any flaw can just result in the unhygienic condition of your house. However, no one would adore depleting the piece of extravagance for which you splurged umpteen amount of dollars. So, ensure you go with the cleaning lessons described as above and show your concern for the hygiene of your home decor.

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