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Luxury jewelry can add a certain flair to your style and goes well with just about any outfit. However, the price tag associated with precious metals like gold and platinum, as well as precious stones like diamonds, can be a hindrance to ironing out your jewelry collection. Here’s how to get luxurious looking jewelry without the high price tag; so you can look stunning without breaking the bank. 

Know Your Style

Knowing your style is an important factor when you’re looking for jewelry. Those expensive pieces you want in your collection may not go with your style as much as you thought, but you won’t know until you finally spend the money on them and wind up with buyer’s remorse. 

Whether you’re sporting a casual look on a daily basis, or opt for more formal attire, there are jewelry options to match your outfits that don’t carry a heavy price tag. Black goes good with just about anything, so you can opt for the less expensive sterling silver as opposed to an expensive gold necklace. 

Keeping your jewelry preferences in line with your style will help mitigate the cost of buying the jewelry, as well as help to define your personal style and give you a unique look. 

Keep Your Jewelry Clean 

Another tip for keeping your jewelry looking fabulous is keeping it clean. Most people don’t clean their jewelry very often or use cheap jewelry cleaner from a department store. While this type of cleaner can certainly help reduce grim and increase brilliance, it certainly can’t match the power of professional cleaning. 

Most jewelry chain stores will offer complimentary cleaning if you visit their stores. The machine that’s used in professional cleaning emits high-frequency soundwaves that help eliminate dirt and grime and return the piece to its post-purchase luster. You can also use simple household itemslike soap and warm water to ensure your jewelry is kept clean and continues to sparkle throughout its lifespan. 

Try a Subscription Box 

If you’re looking for high-quality pieces without the price tag, try a subscription box. With earrings for sensitive earsand plenty of style options, these online providers will meet both your style and comfort needs. Nickel-free jewelry is becoming a popular item, and plenty of earring and jewelry subscription boxes have begun offering completely nickel-free items with their monthly boxes. 

Each month, you’ll get a box delivered right to your door with high-quality jewelry. The jewelry is expertly crafted from precious metals and looks like its higher-priced counterparts in the jewelry store. This is the perfect alternative for people who want to add something extra to their collection without spending hundreds or thousands on expensive jewelry each month. 

Try a subscription box out today to learn why these unique products have become so popular in recent years. With high-quality, affordably priced, and uniquely designed jewelry, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing subscription boxes over jewelry stores. 

Ask About the Metallurgic Content

Often, cheap jewelry is actually made of brass or nickel and then coated to look like it’s made of a more expensive metal. The cheap metal underneath the coating not only makes the jewelry look bad, but metals like nickel are actually harmful to the human body! Eventually, the fake coating will wear off, revealing the ugly surface of the cheaper metal below. 

Anytime you’re buying jewelry, be sure to ask about the metallurgic content. This will let you know how much filler (like nickel or brass) was used and how much of the piece is actual precious metal. If your provider can’t tell you the metallurgic content of the piece or get the information for you from elsewhere, you should probably just skip it. 

You don’t need to buy 24k gold to get a good piece of jewelry, but you also don’t want it to be more filler than gold. Checking the metallurgic content will help you better understand what you’re buying and where you can sacrifice a little bit of quality in the name of price. 

Semi-Precious Stones Always Look Better Than Fake Ones 

We’ve all seen the jewelry with fake gemstones. These are usually crafted from plastic, so they look and feel as cheap as they are. When you’re looking to save money on jewelry, fake is never a good option, but there are alternatives to expensive precious stones and metals. 

Semi-precious gemstonesare any stones that aren’t Diamonds, Rubies, Blue Sapphires, or Emeralds. This includes Garnet, Agate, Lapus Lazuli, and more; all of which are beautiful when polished and brought to a shimmer. If you want to save money on your gemstones but still want an attractive piece, semi-precious stones are an excellent and affordable alternative.

If you’ve ever seen a polished semi-precious stone like Aquamarine, you’ll know that they can be just as attractive as their more expensive counterparts. While it’s certainly not a diamond, it’s still got a certain uniqueness to it and looks great with both gold and silver accents. 


Whether you’re buying for you or someone else, finding jewelry that looks luxurious without the expensive price tag can be a challenge. By following these tips, you’ll know exactly what to look for. Consider alternatives like semi-precious stones to knock some cash off the price while leaving something for the eye to behold.