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Tel Aviv is one of the world’s great cities. It is cosmopolitan, urbane, and has been a go-to destination for Israel’s youth as the place to go and “grow up” and get a taste of adult life. Similarly, it is a regular destination for travelers from around the world, young and old as there is always so much going on that there is sure to be something of interest, irrespective of age.
Another point of interest when it comes to Tel Aviv is that the city is always evolving. Be it new building projects, refurbishment of city spaces, new walking and cycling tracks; Tel Aviv is a city always on the improve so it is absolutely never boring.
There are things that a city can build to attract tourists, yet there are other factors which cannot be replicated. One of Tel Aviv’s greatest attributes is its coastline and beaches. This is a natural treasure that money can’t buy and something that Tel Aviv has in abundance. Realizing the force of this treasure, the Tel Aviv Municipality has been developing neglected parts of the foreshore over the past decade, with the Tel Aviv Port becoming a magnet for tourists and locals alike with a diverse range of bars, restaurants, and shops catering for every taste. More recently, the Jaffa Port has been refurbished to take advantage of its prime location and historical significance. There have also been walking and cycling tracks created to link the two ports as well as new parks.
It is obvious as to why the Mediterranean coastline is such an attraction as the water is clean and clear, and the sand sparkling and soft. However, it is another natural attribute of Israel that is the icing on the cake – its weather. Summer in Israel lasts for about six months of the year and winter for perhaps two months. Even during winter though, it is not uncommon to be able to walk around in short sleeves or short pants and even enjoy a dip in the ocean. This is a far cry from a North American or European winter and means that the beach in Tel Aviv is a year-round focal point.
Property in a tiny country like Israel is at a premium. The economy is strong and demand is sky high. Demand for prime beachfront property such as Lagoon’s sea land luxury apartments in Tel Aviv is even higher as it is always the best that sets the stage for those that follow. A prime location with beach views and proximity to the beach is always in demand and this is something that these apartments have in spades. Add to this incredible design and the highest build quality that money can buy and you are onto a real winner.
If Tel Aviv has one pitfall it is that it is perhaps too full-on and can wear out even the hardiest of travelers. To really survive in Tel Aviv you need a haven – your own apartment that gives you ready access to all that Tel Aviv has to offer but with the ability to find a quiet place where you can recharge your batteries. Lagoon’s sea land luxury apartments are one such place.
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