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Prindiville Design is launching its new limited edition for the Land Rover Defender. Only 25 models in the world for a real luxury version of the well know SUV. Check here the outstanding design and features.


Prindiville was founded by Alex Prindiville in 2000. It has central London headquarters and relies extensively on British craftsmen, designers and engineers. Prindiville Design has extensive experience of carbonfibre manufacture and construction techniques, and practises this art in the automotive, aeronautic and boatbuilding industries. Alex Prindiville, the company’s Founder and Chief Designer, personally designs and oversees all Prindiville Design’s projects.

The features of this beautiful limited edition

  • 90 wheelbase platform, 2 to 7 seat configuration.
  • Hand-assembled in the UK.
  • 2.4L engine.
  • Suspensions, braking system and cooling improved.
  • Matt or metallic finish paint from Prindiville’s very own palette.
  • Rear Prindiville signature badge.
  • Chrome side protection runners.
  • LED front and rear headlamps.
  • Titanium high performance sports exhaust.
  • Raised wheel arches.
  • 18 inch five-spoke metallic black alloy wheels.
  • Front and rear parking sensors and cameras.
  • Luxurious interior with numbered aluminum plaque.
  • Sport seats trimmed with the finest Italian leather.
  • Alcantara driver and passengers carpets.
  • 5 inch built-in LCD television interface with wireless internet, DVD player, satellite navigation, 360 degrees external vision.
  • Four speaker surround sound.
  • Connection for Mobile handset and MP3 devices via Bluetooth.
  • Price: 81,500US$ (excluding transport and local taxes).

Commenting on the launch of this new beautiful car, Alex Prindiville says:

The Limited Edition Land Rover Defender is a truly unique proposition in that it offers a more refined, quiet, and comfortable environment comparable to that of high-end 4x4s. This is an uncompromised solution for either urban city driving or long- distance journeys. The significant interest which we have enjoyed to date will no doubt pave the way for further Land Rover or Range Rover customisations of a similar nature.

Check here a mood video by

Land Rover by Prindiville Design – LuxuryActivist Youtube channel

At Prindiville Design, they cultivate the art of Coachbuilding: a combination of art and craftsmanship, used to refashion the looks of a production car to suit an owner’s unique and individual taste. When the art of coachbuilding is practised by Prindiville it’s a platform for innovation and creativity.

The heyday of coachbuilding was in the 1920s and 1930s; during the 1960s and 1970s ‘design houses’ emerged, particularly in Italy, producing elegant, flamboyant designs that were sometimes produced in limited runs by the major car manufacturers. Latterly, however, the coachbuilding industry has played a background role.

At Prindiville, they are reinventing the coachbuilder’s art, using skills and knowledge built up over decades. The Brand believes that their sense of the aesthetic is matched by a solid understanding of automotive engineering. Beauty and performance.

Their services:

  • Coachbuilding, a Car unique for you.
  • Facelifts, get a car “update”
  • Performance Tuning, power up your engine.
  • Visual Tuning, personalized design
  • Innovation, everything from handless doors, electric sport cars or bullet-proof cars.

To know more about this amazing luxury coach builder, please check the official website:

So, one single sentence: Driving with style.



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