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Larusée is probably one of the best Brands of Absinthe in the world. And they are located historically in the heart of Absinthe origins, Switzerland. Every single detail is taken care as a true luxury brand. Each bottle of Absinthe is done at the state of art. You can read our full review about Larusée here.
This time Larusée is launching a very limited edition, only 55 units called Larusée Collection 01-2014. Simply beautiful.
Larusée Collection

Larusée collection Absinthe
What can we say about this amazing limited edition by Larusée?
Wrapped in its carbon dress, the elegant Larusée bottle gets a new look that is supposed to reflect the intense character of this amazing creation. The bottle is dressed in a way that lets the intense green colored precious liquid to be revealed. The contrast in the look translates the edgy experience you get by tasting this creation.
Certain details as the brushed Silver cap and the details of the etiquette are simply amazing and very elegant.
A 74.26%Vol. edition not for everybody. Only connoisseur. It is a first chapter in a future promising series that will please your senses. This first opus is a reinterpretation of their gold-medal Green Absinthe.
Jean-Pierre Candaux, in-house master-distillator, brings the full wildness of a great absinthe reworked with some roundness thanks to floral fruity and spicy facets.
Because of very limited quantities, this edition is reserved in priority to Larusée customers and you can only ordered by calling the distillation manufacture.
larusée collection details

Larusée collection details bottle

Larusée collection bottle details
For more details you can check Larusée official website here:
Larusée is definitely the ultimate Absinthe experience that you will not find any equivalence.

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