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For a long time now, luxury city centre apartments have been on the rise in terms of trends, and with a record number of young professionals looking at city-centre living, it is becoming more popular as the days go on. Plus, the older generation is now moving into more compact, cheaper spaces where amenities are available such as a swimming pool or gym. The convenience of these facilities being within buildings means that while people are paying more for rent, they are getting a luxurious life for an affordable price.

Liverpool and Manchester are popular cities for these city-centre apartments since the property prices are on the rise and so is rental demand. Yet, many investors can still acquire below-market value prices for buy to let properties.RWinvest is an award-winning property company that offer luxury apartments such as their Parliament Square development in Liverpool which is due to complete soon. The Parliament Square building will feature an indoor roof-top spa, sauna, spa and other luxurious amenities at no extra cost to the tenant.

 Are you interested in learning why there is a huge demand for city-centre luxury apartments and what we can expect in the coming years for those who invest in these properties? We’ve listed some reasons why this city-centre living trend will only continue to grow in exciting cities across the UK and the world.

Compact living is cheap

Having an apartment is a compact way of living. However, it is also a lot cheaper than renting or purchasing a large home. Why is this? Most of the time, the rent will be less expensive. However, it also means you don’t have as many possessions as you would if you were to buy a 3 or 4 bedroom home. Most smaller apartments feature a kitchen, living/dining room combined, and bedrooms as well as a bathroom. Only having limited rooms you don’t have to purchase unnecessary items to fill up space within a home. Plus, since the place you’re living in is smaller, the bills will be lesser, and thus you’re living a more compact and affordable life. The affordability is often something that attracts young professionals to apartments as they don’t need too much space but enjoy the independence of having their own place to live that is near the city.

 Amenities make life easier


Who can deny that having a luxurious swimming pool on your doorstep as well as a spa and other amenities makes life a little better? People are looking towards luxurious living apartments within city centres because they make our lives a lot easier. If the apartment building has a gym that residents can make use of for free, there is practically no excuse why you wouldn’t go and get fit. Plus, you’re not having to pay for facilities that are far from your building either. Ultimately, it’s down to making your life a lot easier, and this is why so many people prefer living in these luxury apartment blocks.

Proximity to restaurants, bars and workplaces

People are turning towards city centre living because it means they can have their life within proximity to one another. Living inner city means you can walk downstairs in your apartment block and be in less than a 5-minute walk from restaurants, bars, workplaces and lots of other exciting places (however, this may be a little untrue for those living in London, it is true for those living in smaller cities such as Leeds and Liverpool). It’s convenient and affordable to walk everywhere, and you won’t even need a car if you’re living in the city centre either which means another expense is off your list.

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