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If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden then you are already the envy of many of your neighbours, but it is possible to go that bit further and turn your swimming pool into a luxury area to enjoy the water and the sun. Here are a few ideas that will almost certainly have your friends eying your property enviously.


Pool Room

Pool rooms are available in all shapes and sizes, and range from a basic box for storage to multi-roomed changing and play areas. You can build from scratch or buy a purpose made pool room from a supplier (visit Garden Spaces for some breathtaking examples). Any pool room should be practical, but to impress you will need to be worried about form as much as function. A pool room that gives an added dimension to the area such as an indoor sports or entertainment room will always be a winner, but one that looks stunning too will have style and substance.

Pool Furniture

If you buy low quality pool furniture, you will quickly regret it. Good quality furniture will be made of great quality materials, and will be treated or coated to last your for years to come. It will also have a  higher design standard, and all the features and looks that show why you paid the money. Cheaper alternatives may look good off the shelf, but will fade,and look shabby relatively quickly.


Pools are not only used in the day, and though a halogen light will undoubtedly give you the light you want, you can do so much more. Lighting ideas for your pool are not as straightforward as you may believe, but if you take the right advice; your pool will look beautiful in the evening, and the seating and garden areas can be lit for the best effect. Imagine a high end hotel with a beautiful pool and seating area; that is what you should be aiming for in your pool.


Pool Finish

Most swimming pools you will see in gardens have the same boring old tile look, but there is no need for you to follow suit. Pools can be finished with a multitude of finishes (click here for some great examples) including plaster, aggregate, stone tiles and even glass or glass beading. You can really use the finish of your pool to give it a stylish luxurious look that everybody will want.

Dining Area

As you have sensibly invested in some great pool lighting, why not go that step further and build a dining area? This is actually a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your swimming pool, but will help you impress guests as you all enjoy a meal served by the poolside. A beautifully lit pool area, relaxing music played from your pool room, comfortable seating, and a great meal served beside a glittering pool; this is the way to have guests enjoy a meal at your home.

If you combine all of these ideas for your pool, you will undoubtedly succeed in adding a touch of style to what could otherwise be just a hole in the ground with water in it.


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