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When the silver star brand reveals a new project, all the press and the brand aficionados take the time to learn more about it. When it is an AMG project, then the entire world stops and wait the thunder sound of the engine of the new car revealed. And this is now the case with the new Mercedes AMG GT. Reveal: Autumn 2014.

AMG, 3 letters but much more than simply tuning

When you think that AMG was founded in 1967 by 2 visionary Mercedes engineers Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher in Burgstall an der Murr . By that time the company was called AMG Motorenbau und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH. AMG stands for Aufrecht, Melcher (the names of the founders) and Grossaspach (the birth city of Aufrecht). It is a personal story about passion, precision and performance.
The aim of the company was and still is to provide high-profiled versions of Mercedes automobiles. It makes AMG as one of the most complete car preparators in the world. They have more than 15 models over 500hp and several models over 600hp. This makes the company very different from BMW-M for example that only chooses already aligned models on Series 3, 5 and Roadsters. The approach of AMG is basically to boost performances of all Mercedes catalog. Amazing work as every car is different and had originally a different purpose. AMG got to the next level by being fully acquired in 1999 by Daimler-Benz. The. Collaboration between the 2 brands became a state of the art in terms of ingenuity symbiosis.
Mercedes AMG SLS
Mercedes AMG SLS Car

AMG Black series, monsters unleashed

AMG evolved through time and some of their models became legends in the sport cars industry. One project that deserves to be quoted, as it talks directly to any automobile aficionado, it is the Black series.
The Black series are very limited editions of the AMG production. Some models had only 5 units produced. Generally it is more around 100 to 150.
Mercedes SLS AMG Black series
The aim of the Black series is to unleash the full creative power of AMG by allowing even further performance improvements. For example the SLS AMG Black series is 70kg lighter than the normal SLS AMG which makes the car only 2.45kg per horse power (631hp in total).

Mercedes AMG GT, ready for the real driving experience?

Mercedes AMG is pulsing a full buzz campaign for the launch of the new AMG GT. Social media, press, web, the new AMG GT is everywhere and at the same time you cannot see much of it. That’s the excitement of the buzz. There is a full section on the brand website dedicated to the new car.
The website is full mobile compatible and brings the AMG experience right into your pocket.

What can we say about the car? By limiting the beast power to 510hp we assume that there is a strategy behind. The AMG SLS launched a while ago has a V8 delievering 571hp. We would have expected a new GT reaching 600hp.
Mercedes AMG GT silhouette
Mercedes AMG GT Interior
Mercedes AMG GT pictures
Mercedes AMG GT shots
Mercedes AMG GT visuals
What is the goal of Mercedes? Either they were afraid of the cannibalization with the SLS or they have planned a boosted version, like a Black series version that would then achieve the expectations. We still have to see how light the car will be.
This is what Mercedes says about the new 4.0 V8 of the AMG GT: “A compact design, low weight-to-power ratio, great fuel efficiency, and signature, distinctive AMG sound all work in harmony to create the high-performance AMG 4.0 Liter V8 Biturbo Engine (M178). This engine is truly bigger than the sum of its parts – and a quantum leap into the future of technology”.
As we can read, the entire engine was rethink in order to bring you the best driving experience you would dream for at any speed. And the sound of the engine? Mythical. The new V8 is only 209 kg which definitely allows a better efficiency in terms of power/weight.
AMG GT V8 4.0
The amazing thing with an AMG engine is that every single piece of it is calibrated by hand. No frictions, no lost spaces, no over-weight. It is purely a masterpiece. More than a year of work to reach the expectancies of the engineer team. When AMG presents a new engine, it is always a breakthrough.
Here are more pictures about the car during the testing on road.
AMG GT road test
AMG GT new car
AMG GT Mercedes
Mercedes new AMG GT test
The new Mercedes AMG GT will be revealed in Paris during the International motorshow.
Paris motorshow Salon de l'Auto Versailles
What does Mercedes expect from this new creation? The US market is almost 50% of the all AMG business. New emerging markets like China, India, Brazil are great growth drivers. There is of course amazing opportunities in the Middle East for exceptional cars. The new AMG GT should please the Brand fans all over the world. It is also an interesting move to face competition. Since Audi and BMW took over the market, only Porsche remains a part. Mercedes can seduce new customers with this new proposition and play the outsiders in a market where entry doors are tiny. More to come about the new super car by Mercedes AMG.


New Mercedes AMG GT
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