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Modena Cars celebrated the opening of their classic car centre last night in a private evening cocktail event. Newly certified by Ferrari to assist vintage car owners of the prancing horse, Modena Cars has now made a significant investment directly into its own workshop where it is able to offer restoration services on site under the official Ferrari Classiche insignia. It will represent a real Swiss luxury platform for passionate Ferrari collectors and fans.


Only with the Ferrari Classiche label are the services on both the young- and old-timer sportcars of the brand recognized by Ferrari SpA. This guarantees a certificate of authenticity validated by the Italian headquarters in Maranello which is a sign of the car’s originality as determined by a dedicated team. The certification is therefore also an important asset in setting each individual classic car’s eventual market value.


For more than 60 years, Ferrari cars have been eagerly sought after by classic car collectors the world over. One of the main functions of the Ferrari Classiche department is to issue Certificates of Authenticity to road-going Ferraris over 20 years old and all Ferrari competition cars, including Formula 1 single-seaters of any age. The Certificates officially attest to the cars’ authenticity and also provide important documentation for buyers should the certified vehicles ever be sold on. Another advantage is that all certified cars are permitted to take part in official Ferrari events including, for instance, the Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, which takes place in Europe and North America.


During the certification process, the cars undergo a thorough inspection at the Classiche HQ in Maranello. Using Ferrari’s extensive historical archives, a committee of experts known as COCER (Certification Committee), chaired by Ferrari Vice President Piero Ferrari, evaluates the technical characteristics of each car put forward for certification. This technical examination of the car is the most important step in the process. It reveals whether the car is fully functioning, and if its chassis, engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels, bodywork and interior are original or at least comply with the original specifications.

“A fully dedicated Ferrari Classiche center completes the offer of our services as an official Ferrari dealership” said Gino Forgione, Director of Modena Cars.

The evening display also showcased some recent Ferrari Classiche projects by Modena Cars such as a 365 GTC4, SWB 250, 275GTB2 and 512 BB.

Ferraris have been coveted by automobile enthusiasts and collectors almost since the very first car was built by Enzo Ferrari in 1950 in Maranello. Some sixty years later, many of these desirable past models have passed through the hands of numerous owners and numerous mechanics. Some have remained largely as they left the Ferrari factory, and survive as well-maintained examples. Some have suffered from years of deferred service, collision damage, modifications, engine/gearbox changes, etc. All are Ferrari’s however, and as such deserve to be recognized as the important, classic automobiles that they are. The Ferrari Classiche Certification and Attestation Program offer owners the opportunity to “Certify” their classic (20 year old or older) Ferrari to be in original compliance with regard to color, condition, proper engine/gearbox/chassis identification; evaluating your Ferrari using the factory’s extensive historical archive.

The Classiche Program can greatly enhance the value of your classic Ferrari, as well as outline a course of action to restore a non-original car to the original, factory-correct standards of Ferrari Classiche. Ferrari Classiche can encompass everything from a simple certification of an original car to a complete restoration of your Ferrari by the Ferrari factory to like-new condition.

In Switzerland only 3 centers now offer the premium service of Ferrari Classiche service:

Modena Cars
Chemin des Aulx 21
1228 Plan-les-Ouates

Niki Hasler
Hardstrasse 15
4052 Basel

Loris Kessel Auto SA
Via Pian Scairolo, 26
6915 Pambio Noranco

With 6’123 cars in circulation in Switzerland last year, Ferrari is the 3rd most sold luxury car in Switzerland. The Italian luxury company had a +25% increase since 2007. Switzerland is the 5th biggest market for Ferrari, behind the US, UK, Germany and Japan. Every year there are 300 Ferrari cars sold in Switzerland. When you know that Ferrari manufactures 7’000 cars per year, this represents almost 5% of global production. You can read more about luxury cars in Switzerland by clicking here

We welcome this news as a very positive development for Modena Cars SA. It brings prestige, quality and uniqueness to this official Ferrari dealership who was already doing a great work with new and vintage Ferrari.

José Amorim


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